Watch dog's reaction to the trending' whisper challenge' when their owner whispered a 'P' word.

Watch dog’s reaction to the trending’ dog whisper challenge’ when their owner whispered a ‘P’ word.

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Dogs take the trending ‘dog whisper challenge’, responding immediately to their human mom’s whispering the ‘p-word.’ 

It is factually accurate that Dogs have fantastic hearing, so much so that they may hear us calling from a distance of several rooms. What’s more, these creatures are equally intelligent and quickly get a grip on their hoo-mans native language.

How many times have you spoken phrases like “walk” or “treat” or any other of your puppy’s favorite vocab only to get your fur buddy all charged up and become happy or excited or even wary?

Growing up, dogs eventually catch up on their favorite things or actions, relating them with words over time. For instance, a food-loving dog may get a grip on some famous food words while a wanderer might get all charged up on words like walk, etc. 

Nevertheless, the catch is, no matter what the words, once a dog starts to recognize and relate to specific words they can grasp the slightest whisper as well!! That’s one amusing aspect about dogs. You’ll receive a reaction from them even if you whisper the specific phrases that they recognize. And this has started the Trending Dog Whispering Challenge online. 

Taking on the challenge, a dog mom recorded a video of her two adorable puppies. What was the term she used? Well, the ‘p word’ was ‘Park.’ The dogs were chilling on the floor. They were sure their owner was coming from the opposite side of the sofa. So, they instantly halted after, and that’s where she said ‘Park’ in a hushed tone.

They don’t glance up for a second or two as if they’re debating whether or not they heard her right. But suddenly, they both glance up at the same time, both canines giving her a stern “you better not mess with us” expression, as if they’re ready to head to the Park!! 

Well, though the challenge is simple, it will earn you the most reaction from your dog!! Why don’t you try it out with your dogs? Please share your experience with us on @themonkoodog/Instagram

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