A Dying Dog Enjoys her snow pile

A Dying Dog Enjoys her snow pile, One Last Time.

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A Dying Dog Enjoys her snow pile one last play on her death bed

Thanks to the ice center, a dying dog got her snow pile to enjoy it for last time.

Bonds between humans and dogs are one of the most vital foundations of love and companionship. And therefore, understandably, it isn’t easy to accept the bitter fact. Your jumping, romping, and a rolling dog is becoming older.

And it becomes even bitter when you realize your dog is out of time. Nevertheless, it is also the time when you want to bestow the best on your fur-buddies. All their series take top priority. 

In one such incident, a dog parent in Salt Lake City, Utah, wanted to ensure one last romp in the snow for their dying dog, Maggie. The dog was dying of cancer. 

According to a social media post published by Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation on Friday, Elijah Saltzgaber had posted a request inquiring about anybody possessing a shaved ice machine to produce snow for Maggie.

She asked to gather about 10 and 20 gallons of ice on Monday morning. The pet owners had planned to say their final goodbyes to their dying dog Maggie on Monday, about noon. However, before that painful process, the dog’s parents wanted Maggie, to see and enjoy the snow that morning before leaving for one final time. 

And thanks to the Salt Lake County Ice Center, Elijah Saltzgaber was able to make Maggie’s final hours memorable for their lovely pooch

Dying Dog Enjoys her snow pile. The ice team shaved more ice off the rink and loaded buckets with it. Saltzgaber carried the snow to the Maggie’s yard. And built a snow mound for her to enjoy one final time.

Later, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation took to their Facebook page. They shared the dog parents’ fantastic and heartwarming gesture towards their dying dog. 

At Monkoodog, we send our heartfelt love and condolences to Maggie’s family. We heartily appreciate the efforts of Elijah Saltzgaber. She provided his lovely dog with a bit of heaven on earth for the one last time. 

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