Dog Shows Owner The Mess She Created Excitably; Proud Moment For A Mischievous Canine

Dog Shows Owner The Mess She Created Excitably; Proud Moment For A Mischievous Canine

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Dogs are all about wanting to please their owners and every time they get caught in precarious situations that they should not have been in the first place, these adorable furballs attempt to get away with it with their big puppy eyes or by trying to roll on their backs. As much as you probably don’t want to admit this, these tricks do end up working for them 9 out of 10 times. However, not only dogs are programmed the same way, and while some show guilt on being caught doing something mischievous, some dogs show absolutely no remorse in situations as such.

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Philip is one such mischievous Golden Retriever who ended up creating quite a mess when left to his own devices. His mom had left the house when this adorable dog went ahead and got himself into some serious mess. Philip showed absolutely no remorse or guilt for the mess he made. Instead, the furry boy is seen gleaming with pride at his mess in this YouTube video that went viral on the internet.

In this video, you can see Philip’s human mom return home and find a mess through the window. Moments later, the dog is seen happily walking to the door to greet his human mommy. When she opens the door, she is shocked to see the mess and clearly not very happy about it. However, little Philip was least bothered with that and seemed to show off the mess he made proudly to his mommy when she returned home from work.

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