AKC Listed Most Popular Dog Breeds

AKC (American Kennel Club) Listed Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Wanna find out if your dog’s breed is topping the popularity charts in America? Well, now you can. Like a lot of temporary fashion statements, dog breeds too, go in and out of style. This has a lot to do with popular culture references, celebrity choices, and more. In fact, several studies have suggested that when it comes to picking out dog breeds to adopt, people have been more influenced by popular culture and social media references than the breed’s temperament, longevity, and so on. To keep track of these ever-shifting trends in adopting dog breeds, the American Kennel Club brings you this compilation of the most popular dog breeds in America released on March 16, 2021, based on AKC registration statistics.

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At number 10, we have the Dachshund.

At number 10, we have the Dachshund

This breed has a physical statistic of 8-9 inches in height and weighs about 16 to 32 pounds. The breed’s life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years making it a highly popular and well-loved breed in America.

The bold and vivacious personality of this dog coupled with the adorable ever-alert expression makes this breed such a show-stealer in the canine world.

The Dachshund, with his unmistakable, long, sausage-like body, little legs, and larger-than-life personality, Dachshund has definitely grown to become an icon of purebred dogdom.

At number 9, we have the German Shorthaired Pointer

At number 9, we have the German Shorthaired Pointer

A winner in the sporting group of dog breeds, this dog weighs 55 to 70 pounds while it is 21 to 25 inches in height. The Pointer breed has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. This versatile and medium-sized gun Pointer is an enthusiastic Jack of all trades. This breed thrives on lots of physical exercises, positive conditioning, and love.

With a gorgeous liver-coloured coat or liver and white in distinct patterns, the German Shorthaired Pointer is best known for its speed, agility, power, and endurance. GSPs are great family dogs who are easily trainable and cheerful, making them a hot favourite in many American adoption centres.

Moving on to number 8, we have a loyal and loving guardian dog – The Rottweiler

number 8, we have a loyal and loving guardian dog - The Rottweiler

The breed is a strong working dog that weighs around 80 to 100 pounds. It is almost 22 to 27 inches in height with a life expectancy of 9 to 10 years. This robust working breed has descended from the royal Mastiffs of the Roman legion.

This breed gels very well into a family setting as they make for loving playmates as well as protective guardians, especially if you have a child at home.

The short black coat that is found glistening in light makes this dog breed a treat to look at. If properly trained, the Rottweiler makes a calm and confident working canine and thus, has been consistently topping popularity charts in America.

At number 7, we have the happy-go-lucky breed that has been capturing hearts all over America – the Beagle.

number 7 America - the Beagle

This little working dog breed is more than just cute looks. Weighing as little as, under 20 pounds, this dog breed is an excellent hunter and can adjust well in packs.

With an average height of 13 inches and under, this breed is extremely active and often described as a merry little toy.

Beagles come in a lot of pleasant coat colours, like lemon, red and white, and tricolour. Beagles are curious, energetic, and intelligent hounds that need a whole lot of playtime.

At number 6, the Majestic Poodle

At number 6, the Majestic Poodle

The proud Poodle has a body stat of over 15 inches standard height and bodyweight of 50 to 70 pounds.

These dogs shot to fame after being featured in American television numerous times. This breed has a life expectancy of 10 to 18 years and features a low-allergen coat that makes them the perfect pet for people with allergies.

Poodles are eager, athletic, and extremely smart dogs of remarkable versatility that make great pets. Being easily trainable and well-mannered, the breed is super popular as a family pet breed.

At number 5, we have the famous Bulldog

At number 5, we have the famous Bulldog

A kind and courageous family dog that has a life expectancy of 8-10 years. Weighing almost 40 to 15 pounds and measuring up to 14-15 inches, this non-sporting dog breed makes an excellent family pet.

The well-muscled bruiser has a “sour mug” face that has become the universal symbol of bravado and tenacity.

Bulldogs make for extremely docile and well-mannered companions who are an all-time favourite in the American household. Their snuggling tendencies and affectionate temperament can melt your heart in mere seconds.

At number 4, the universally loved Golden Retriever

At number 4, the universally loved Golden Retriever

It has to make a star appearance. This breed lives up to 10 to 12 years while weighing 55 to 75 pounds and measuring up to 24 inches.

This exuberant Scottish gundog is well-known for its gorgeous coat and beautiful looks as well as an amicable temperament.

This breed serves as serious working dogs in hunting or fieldwork while also acting as efficient therapy and guidance dogs.

Their unending loyalty coupled with their obedience towards and endearing love towards their owners makes this breed a favourite among Americans.

Featuring right at number 3 is the German Shepherd

Featuring right at number 3 is the German Shepherd
Most Popular Dog Breeds

This herding dog weighs and measures up to 90 pounds and 26 inches respectively. They have 12-14 years of life expectancy.

These gentle giants are agile and extremely intelligent – making them the finest all-purpose working dogs out there.

Their noble character and loyal temperament make them highly sought after by American households, herders, and so on.

While the GSD ranks so high on the popularity list for many reasons, experts say that their most defining qualities include loyalty,

confidence, ability to train fast, courage, and the willingness to defend their loved ones even by putting their lives on the line.

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At number two, we have the adorable and funny-faced French Bulldog

At number two French Bulldog

This dog measures up to 13 inches and weighs under 28 pounds. With a life expectancy of 10-12 years, the French Bulldog is a common sight in American households.

Resembling a bulldog in features, this breed’s distinct quality includes large bat-like ears with heavy wrinkles rolled above the stout nose. The dog is extremely affectionate and alert.

A breed of few barks, Frenchies don’t make a lot of noise but serve as extremely alert watchdogs. They adapt happily with families as well as singles and don’t require a lot of physical exercise to stay well.

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Finally, at number 1, we have America’s most well-loved dog breed – the Labrador Retriever

At number one Labrador Retriever

This breed is a high-spirited and outgoing one, making them a favourite in American families, especially those with kids. Weighing up to 80 pounds and measuring up to 25 inches, the Labrador Retriever is an enthusiastic athlete who performs exceptionally well in dog shows and canine games.

Their coats come in yellow, black, and chocolate colours which happen to look gorgeous.

Labs are famous as amicable companions and their friendly nature has helped them rank at the top of America’s favourite dog breed list.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of the most popular dog breeds in America. With their lovely temperament and astounding work capacities, these dogs have managed to carve a space out for themselves in every American heart.

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