Pet Owner Reused a Bag For Clipping Its Stressed Dog's Nails. The Best Dog Grooming Trick.

Dog Owner Reused a Bag For Clipping Its Stressed Dog’s Nails. The Best Dog Grooming Trick.

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This Dog owner resued a shopping bag and turned it into a harness to clip its stressed dog’s nails effectively at home. This brilliant idea is not only a simple easy solution but it actually works every time.

Well, this couple from Queensland has deduced a simple yet brilliant and hilarious, solution for trimming a stressed-out dog’s nails effectively at home. 

The couple Luke Young and his partner Ashleigh who lives in Queensland with their Italian greyhound – Honey has worked out a wonderful way to groom their buddy at home. 

In order to make it an easy and stress-free experience the couple strategically turned a reusable shopping bag into a harness.

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Young, made holes in the hanging bag so that the puppy’s legs can fit and dangle freely and comfortably during the trimming session.

The couple filmed their dog, Honey dangling from the ‘doggy bag’, which was hanging off a hook in the patio, while they clipped her nails. 

The clip was originally uploaded on Tiktok, adorned with the caption ‘How to clip your dog’s nails 101. The video shows Honey calmly getting her nails clipped, in a calm and fuss-free procedure.

Luke in his statement with the  Daily Mail Australia, disclosed that Honey, just like most dogs, was not okay with the ‘conventional way’ of getting her nails done.

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She never sat still and was highly anxious during the process. In fact, the little pooch would also try to escape the ordeal, altogether. 

Therefore aiming to make it an easy experience for their dog the couple came up with this simple yet brilliant idea. And without any doubt, the strategy was really rewarding, as the little dog can be seen receiving her manicures in the most relaxed and fuss-free manner possible. 

The video, since being shared online, has garnered more than 400,000 views, with numerous pet parents appreciating the couple’s concern as well as their brilliant idea.



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