Clipping Your Puppy’s Nails Without Stressing them Out

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Dogs are known to have one of the most potent claws among animals. Their scratches are not something you can take lightly. They look scary enough if not trimmed and taken care of. In this blog, we inform you about Clipping Your Puppy’s Nails without stressing them out.

Every time you see your nails grow, you know it is going to become the perfect home for all specks of dirt and other unhygienic matter. In the same way, the dog also faces the same problem.

Dog Nails

What happens if a dog’s nails are never trimmed or cut?

Generally, dogs tend to walk on hard surfaces all the time. This automatically wears their nails a great deal naturally due to the abrasive interaction between the toes of the dogs and the walking surfaces.

However, the trimming occurring naturally is not sufficient enough because the nails are still long enough to catch debris and also give rise to various movement-related ailments, and issues with the foot, toes and even hip.

If the dog scratches itself too much with the overgrown nails, it can cause accidental injuries and lead to massive infections. The dewclaws are often the toenails that are least trimmed naturally. Getting scratches and injured is often more due to Dewclaws than any other toenails.

Dog Sleeping showing Nails
Clipping Your Puppy’s

How often do I trim my Puppy’s nails?

As mentioned above, some toenails tend to trim naturally without much effort. However, in most cases, the trimming is not sufficient enough. Just like humans, dog nails need to be checked regularly.

Scientifically, the frequency of trimming required for the dog varies with each breed. It depends on various factors like the breed and size of the dog, how much it weighs, and how many outdoor activities it is involved in. The general idea is to trim the dog’s nails every 4 to 6 weeks at maximum.

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How to trim your Puppy’s nails without hurting them?

However, making them experience nail trimming at a young age makes it easier for them to accept it later on when they reach adulthood.

The basic idea is to trim only the darkened section of the nail and not touch the white part where thin blood vessels are visible. Accidentally cutting the white section only will cause them tremendous pain and scar them for life.

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Equipment needed for trimming the dog nails

  1. Nail trimmer or nail grinder depending on the type and thickness of the toenails of your dog.
  2. Scissors to trim away matted hair in and around the toe region.
  3. Nail files to smoothen the trimmed sides of the nails.
  4. Styptic powder in case there is accidental bleeding, and you need to stop the pain and to bleed right away.
  5. If you are scared of the idea of self-clipping, visiting a dog spa is also not a bad option.

Techniques for clipping your Puppy’s Nails without stressing them

There are no grooming tips for puppies that can be enough to make you a master in the field clipping puppy nails unless you try to do it yourself.

  1. Asses the nails carefully under bright torchlight to check the exact extent to which you need to trim the nails.
  2. Mark with a pencil if needed how much you need to trim
  3. Make sure to have your dog’s favourite toys and lots of treats in hand.
  4. Feel the toes and press the areas around the nail area to check if the Puppy feels any pain or discomfort. Sometimes puppies tend to hurt themselves while playing, and there is no external swelling or wound to notice.
  5. Carefully press the toe area to rise the nail from the bed.
  6. Meanwhile interact with them by cuddling, kissing and playing with them as you keep giving them treats. This will keep them relaxed.
  7. Try using a nail clipper to clip in tiny bits.
  8. Using a trimmer is also a good alternative
  9. Make sure to use a nail buffer to blunt out any sharp ends that can scratch you.
  10. Always make sure to clip at a 45-degree angle approximately and never in a perpendicular or any other such angle. 
  11. This will ensure better visibility and cutting-depth analysis.
  12. It is ok to take breaks in between. Puppies stress out very quickly, especially when it is something concerning their body. So you can spend 5 to 10 minutes every day for a week clipping and trimming their nails well.
  13.  It is essential to keep them distracted and relaxed at all times during nail clipping sessions. Any unnecessary movements or jerkings can cause more trouble, than you can anticipate.
  14. It is essential to check and clip the Puppy’s nails every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on their requirement.
Happy Dog
Clipping Your Puppy’s

Puppies are just like small kids. They need our love, care, and protection to grow and reach adulthood. Teaching them commands and regular habits is also like how we do with small kids. The key to successfully growing them into well-mannered and well-learned dogs is all in the training and teaching.

Dogs are among the most intelligent animals. They can do wonders with commands and etiquettes if trained well from a very tender age.

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