A video of a dog playing the piano and singing along with it went viral

A video of a dog playing the piano and singing along with it went viral

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Dogs are goofy creatures who go to extreme lengths to make their humans laugh. Some hilarious things done by dogs send people all over the world rolling on the floor laughing.  Some things they do on purpose but when they do things unintentionally, it touches us so much, we laugh about it for days. Such a video of a dog went viral on the internet. 

In the video, a dog is standing on his hind legs with his forelegs on a piano. The dog is playing the piano. Yes! The dog is playing it and it does not end here, he is singing along with it. The dog seems to sing along the notes of every key he presses.

No one knows what is going on in his heart. If he lost his job or lost his lady love, the dog is showing pure emotion and pure howl. The video was posted originally on Instagram by Josh Mckay, who is a musician. 

The video went viral

Later, the video was reposted on the page – Dogs of Instagram. The video garnered numerous likes and comments. The Clip got over 6 lakh views. It was posted along with the caption – Belt it out buddy, feel the music. 

Video had a heading of ‘My dog loves to sing and play the piano’. The video is so hilarious and it earned even more hilarious comments. ‘Elton John at his finest’ commented a user, ‘The dog showed more emotion in this 15-second video than some singers do in a lifetime’ commented another. 

The dog’s emotions are hard to comprehend for the common audience, the dog is an artist who would not get recognition from the newbie music industry. Certified or not, the doggo is capturing hearts. His story of heartbreak will reach millions and his howl will sound for years. If you want easily learn how to add music to a video, click for info.

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