A social media celebrity vet got featured on GMA.

A social media celebrity vet got featured on GMA.

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If you use social media, there is a high probability that you are aware of Dr. Tom. Maybe you don’t recognize him by name, but you might have watched one or the other videos by him. Dr. Tom is a veterinary. He is not any other vet that you might be aware of. Dr. Tom is a new social media celebrity. 

He has garnered over 3 million followers on TikTok. He has garnered a lot of followers on TikTok reason being the way he handles his clients. His clients are no ordinary creatures, they are our very sweet adorable creatures. Yes, you guessed it right, they are dogs. 

The vet sees dogs in a unique way which has made him a social media celebrity. Dr. Tom sees the dogs who visit him at the Rhode Island Animal Medical Center in Warwick.

The Good morning America said, ‘ You might have seen this video already on TikTok. He is Dr. Tom. This video shows how Dr. Tom is unique in the way he develops a relationship with his clients which are dogs. Good Morning America said this in a segment that was two and a half minutes long.

How is this Vet unique?

Dr. Tom is famous for dealing with dogs who are usually scared of interaction. The dogs are often scared because of some issues of their past or traumas but Dr. Tom makes them feel comfortable. The reaction of the dogs can be seen in the video itself. 

Dr. Tom’s unique journey started at a young age. He has been fond of dogs ever since he was a child. Dr. Tom’s story that got featured on GMA says that while growing up, Dr. Tom had a family dog. That dog was so close to Dr. Tom that he got attached to him. Moreover, that dog saved his life later. This particular act of the dog inspired and motivated little Tom to pursue a career in Veterinary medicine.

In the words of Dr. Tom, ‘ What I desire is for the World to realize that it is only love, compassion, and kindness that is needed to make the world a better place. It can change your whole perspective. We need to give importance to this.’

Dr. Tom does not only want to treat dogs and vaccinate them just to let them go. He says, what I desire the most is to actually put an effort into building a relationship with them. That is what is important to him. Well, Dr. Tom is honestly an inspiration for us all.

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