A Teen Wrote CV to Approach her Mom to Get Her Puppy this Christmas

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A teen named Kyla Severi came up with a brilliant idea by applying for the post of ‘Professional Dog Owner’ just to convince her mom to let her keep a teeny tiny pooch this Christmas.

Kyla Severi, 18 lives with her mom in Australian’s New South Wales and two family dogs.

Kyla explained, ‘It is her house and her rules.’ Her mother wasn’t ready to have another puppy in the house but Kyla wasn’t ready to give up so early.

So she decided to get her to convince in a very imaginative way. She wrote a Professional CV to her mom for the post of ‘Professional Dog Owner’ in which she detailed her abilities and qualities in an extremely amusing way.

She wrote about her ‘Excellent time management skills’ which she believes is beneficial for training and exercising the puppy and has ‘Hella money’.

She took an oath on Cheesecake to take the time and expenses of owning a puppy in serious consideration. And she sugar-coated her application by saying, ‘I’m your favorite daughter and I love you a lot. I also love this puppy a lot.’

Kyla fell in love with the puppy when one of her friends showed her a snap of her cousin with the puppies. She so desperately wanted to have a dog of her own and was working hard to collect the money for that special puppy.

Kyla finally felt that she’s ready now to own this Staffy puppy and enough money to afford his basic initial needs.

She also wrote a letter of 800-words with statistical data about how a puppy can boost your mental health, be your companion, can teach you responsibility and money handling skills. She even added some lollies to minimize the chances of getting her proposal rejected.

After reading the letter, Melissa, her mommy burst into laughter as the whole thing felt hilarious to her. Sadly she said ‘No’.

But Luckily, she reconsidered the proposal of Kyla later when she read the application properly and said ‘Yes’. She got impressed and appreciated her daughter’s approach.

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