Guy Woke up One Morning and Found a Random Dog in his Living Room

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“Is it a magical puppy? Where did it come from?”

A one-month-old puts you in a habit of getting up at 4 but this couple got an early morning visit from a dog. Scared and worried about the strange arrival they checked all doors windows and cupboards. Finally, they resorted to the security camera.

Turns out the door was not latched properly and had burst wide open without their knowledge. Cold and wet, the dog entered the house hesitantly. Later a passerby saw the open door, checked if everything was ok and then shut it. The passerby did not know the dog did not belong to them. If it were not for him this family would not have been blessed by another family member.

Jokinen and his wife named the dog Suzy. She was a sick stray. They cleaned and dried her and made her feel comfortable. Seeing the dog in pain, walking on three legs, bite marks all over her body, the family decided to take action. They took her to the vet, she was covered in fleas and ticks, had a paw infection and dental issues.

Jokinen then tweeted a photo of Suzy and in less than 2 days, received $15,000 to help pay for Suzy’s medical bills. Suzy now has a warm and welcoming family. The love of dogs can really bring a lot of people together. As Jokinen puts it “in a way, this isn’t our dog-it’s the internet’s dog”

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