Dog distracts human from studying as it wants to be petted. Watch cute video

A little pug demands attention explicitly from its human

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A loving and adorable video of a dog is going viral on the internet. No doubt, if you are having a bad day, dog videos can make you smile. The cute and adorable acts of dogs can make you smile even in tough times. Maybe this is the reason why this dog video is winning hearts all over the internet. A video that depicts the attention-craving nature of a little pug is going viral. In the video, it can be seen that a woman is busy doing her work and studying.

This is a well-known fact that dogs crave attention most of the time, especially from the people they love. They love company and they love to play with people. It gets really tough at the times when the pet parents are busy working, but who tells the little pooch? All they desire is attention. 

The dog’s way of demanding attention-

The little cute pug is sitting next to the woman. The dog looks at the woman for a few seconds and notices that the woman is busy and not looking at it. 

The dog got impatient and tapped the hand of its human. He tries to tell humans that it is craving attention.

The woman pats the head of her dog after a while. The reaction of the pug, once it was petted, is worth looking at. It looked so happy. It was content and relaxed the moment he got his desired attention.

The video was originally posted on Instagram but got viral on other social media platforms too fast. The caption of the original post reads ‘Love Bug’s 101 on how to get attention and love.’

Rightly, the dog has shown a way onto how to get attention when you need it. The original video was posted on Instagram on 12th February 2022. Since then, the video had gained around 70k + views and 11k + likes.

Here is Little Pug Adorable Video

The comments section on the post was full of adorable comments from around the world. Netizens loved the video. Few of the comments were like, ‘What a sweetheart’, the other user wrote,’ Awww, my love’, one went to the extent of saying, ‘I need this dog in my life.’

The Instagram account which posted this video is dedicated to particularly cute dog videos. The account has almost 3000 followers. It is filled with loving and adorable dog videos from around the world.

The videos are worth watching, take a look at them, promise, you won’t regret it. It has the capacity to make your day.

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