The love between the mother and her child

An adorable video that shows the love between a human mother and her dog child went viral.

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Dog parents will know, there is no difference when it comes to being a parent of a human or a dog. Dogs are like your children only. The love and attachment humans develop towards them is nothing less than what they develop towards humans. And there is no doubt that dogs love their human parents even more than the love they receive in return.

After all, it is dogs who are famous for loving unconditionally, the creature who can even take a bullet for you if you give them appropriate love and care. They become like a family member. They say, there is no other love like the love of a dog.

A recent real example of this level of love came into the picture after a video went viral on the internet. This video can convince you to adopt a dog right away. And if you already have one, this video will force you to hug your little cute creature out of complete love.

The love between the mother and her child-

The video which went viral shows a woman with her Labrador. The Labrador can be seen as a little upset as he is hurt. The woman can be seen consoling her Labrador like a little baby. She can be seen hugging the dog in the video. While watching the video, you would feel like you are watching the love of a mother and her child. 

This video has the capability to remind you of your childhood memories where your mom used to comfort you while you were hurt or let us say, sometimes pretending to be hurt. We all know, how that worked. As little kids, pretending helped us in getting the attention that we desired. Our dogs do that too very often. 

Many videos of that kind can be seen on the internet. But in this case, the Labrador was actually hurt and he got the comfort and love he desired.

In the video, the woman is sitting on her bed. She is holding her dog in her arms just the way you would hold a little baby. While holding the dog, she scolds someone, probably a human who might have hurt the dog.

Afterwards, she hugs the dog tightly in her arms, consoles, and gives him comfort. She calls him ‘Betu’ adorably which is a cute word for ‘Son’ in Hindi.

The video is originally posted on an Instagram account which is a dog named Bruno’s personal Instagram account. The video is captioned ‘ All the pain is gone…… When my mommy hugs me tightly….. I love you mamaa’

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