stages of estrus cycle in female dogs

Stages of Estrus Cycle in Dogs

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Canines will have their first estrus (reproductive or heat) cycle as they hit puberty when they are 6-18 months old. Each cycle comprises a few phases; the stage called estrus alludes to when the female can get pregnant. When a female dog is in the estrus stage, it is supposed to be in heat or in season. More or less the estrus cycle occurs twice a year in female dogs, with an interval of about 7-9 months, though the cycle may vary from breed to breed. This cycle’s time period can be shorter or longer depending on the breed.

The Estrus Cycle comprised 4 stages:

Stage 1. Proestrus: (Non-fertile stage for 9-10* days)

Swelling of the vulva with excessive bleeding that varies in color and intensity among individuals.

Stage 2. Estrus: (Highly fertile for 5-9* days)

The discharge color changes to pinkish-red and can also get stopped in some cases. The females are highly receptive to males during these days.

Stage 3. Diestrus: (Non-fertile stage for 2 months*)

The Bloody discharge can start again or not. If it discharges, it varies in color and intensity among individuals.

Stage 4. Anestrus: (Non-fertile stage for usually 7-9* months) The bleeding stops until the female comes into heat again.

Stages of estrus cycle or heat cycle in female dogs
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