How to setup a dog boarding centre

How To Setup A Dog Boarding Centre

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A dog boarding centre, otherwise called Dog daycare, is assistance that permits dog parents to drop their canines off in these facilities for a specific timeframe by paying a certain amount as a fee. In these boarding centres, dogs are taken good care of. The staff takes them out for a walk, feeds them, and takes care of all the other necessary needs of the dog.

Dog boarding centres ensure the dog stays healthy and happy even when they are not around their dog parent and family due to whatever reasons.

If you are planning on setting up a dog boarding centre then you are in luck as we have compiled a list about How to set up a dog boarding centre.

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Let’s take a look:

1. Gain knowledge

One of the first things to keep in mind when thinking about starting a dog boarding centre is to gain as much knowledge as one possibly can about dogs, breeds, their needs, and the fundamentals of the dog boarding centre business.

Every dog breed has a different need and requirement when it comes to food, medical care, etc. Varying dog breed means varying temperaments and characteristics as well. If you plan on setting up a dog boarding centre then you need to gain as much knowledge as possible about as many breeds as you possibly can.

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2. Location of the dog boarding centre

Location of the dog boarding center

Location is pivotal for the success of any business. When you are planning on setting up a dog boarding centre, the location is an important aspect which you should be careful about.

Try to pick a location that is in a residential area with a lot of dogs around. If your dog boarding centre is in a location where it is convenient for the other dog parents to drop their dogs off at the centre before leaving for work and pick them up easily on their way back home, then your business has a very good chance of succeeding. Also, keep in mind that your boarding centre has room enough for the dogs to freely roam around.

3. Fun factor

We know how much dogs love to play. One of the qualities of a good dog boarding centre is excellent fun facilities for the dog.

Keep in mind that you will be needing to keep a lot of dogs engaged for the entire day and sometimes more than that.

You can have a swimming pool in your dog boarding centre, and as many toys, as you can think of. Though make sure that you do not keep too many same types of toys.

4. Good staff

Good staff
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The staff in a dog boarding centre is like the backbone of the facility. The staff members are the ones that take care of the dogs day in and day out, and hence it is important to have a top-notch staff for your centre.

Before you hire someone, run a background check and if applicable then contact previous employers as well. It is essential to do thorough research of your staff team before hiring them.

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5. Define your Services

When you are opening a dog boarding centre it is essential to define all the services that you will be providing.

A lot of dog care centres also sell pet products in their offices, while others provide services like grooming, obedience training, and bathing.

You could also provide services for emergency drop-off if the dog’s parents are unable to pick up the dog. you pick up and drop off the dog from their house for an additional fee.

6. Price your Services

Price your Services

The best method to finalize the price of your services is to know what your competition businesses are charging. Make a few calls to the other daycare centres and inquire about the prices they are charging for various facilities.

The price of your service would be majorly influenced by the locality in which your centre is located and the services you are providing.

You could have monthly and yearly membership options as well, and can also offer discounts to dog parents who bring more than one dog to your dog boarding centre.

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7. Marketing

The key to success for any business is marketing. Dog boarding centre is a business with immense potential, and with the right marketing, your business could be skyrocketing before you even know it.

It is important for your potential customers to first know about your business and then feel the need for the services you are providing.

This is possible through correct advertising. Advertise your dog boarding centre through local magazines, and newspapers, and by sending out brochures and templates.

Keep in mind that there is no better advertising than a satisfied customer. If your customers are satisfied with your services they are likely to recommend you to other potential customers.

For a business to pick up and grow, takes time and patience. Hold tight and do your bit with the best possible measures and your dog boarding center will definitely be a success.

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