How To Safely Introduce Your Dog To Your Newborn Baby

How To Safely Introduce Your Dog To Your Newborn Baby

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For some couples, a dog is their first “Baby.” And chances are, your dog realizes he is! Your canine will always be a loved part of the family when your child shows up on the scene, however, your schedules will change, and that can confuse your furry companion. In this blog, we inform you about How To Safely Introduce Your Dog To Your Newborn Baby.

Like infants, canines flourish with consistency, and “an infant significantly changes your life as well as your canine’s too,” says Victoria Stilwell, canine mentor and host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog.

Before long he’ll need to impart your venerating attention with a demanding baby, and he won’t easily comprehend why the long strolls he savours are getting more limited.

Try not to stand by till the baby is home to assist your puppy with adjusting to the extended family. Instead, when you are pregnant and there is still time for the baby to arrive, start with small changes so that he can adjust to the new schedule.

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Put our arrangement into play and see your dog begin to look all starry-eyed again.

1. When you find out you are expecting

When you find out you are expecting
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If your dog has not been obedience trained, then it is time to rectify that. Your dog’s usual behaviour which seems adorable right now like it jumping on you to greet you when you come back home from work can be rather dangerous when you are 7 or 8 months pregnant or when you bring the baby home. This behaviour of your dog can be corrected easily through the help of obedience classes and a trainer.

Most dogs have never been around a baby all their life and babies can rather be unpredictable, unlike adults, like throwing their hands and legs here and there and trying to get in the dog’s face.

The best way to know how your dog would react to a baby is to introduce him to one. Take him to the nearest park and see how your dog reacts to babies.

When things seem to go well, ask mom friends if you could let your dog walk alongside the baby.

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2. When you are in the hospital, recovering

After giving birth, when you are recovering in the hospital, this duration is vital. Your husband and your dog’s lovely daddy can take home with him something that belongs to the baby, like a blanket or a cloth. Anything that has the baby smell would be great.

Let your dog take a good sniff of the cloth that has the baby smell. Do this as many times as you possibly can so that by the time the baby comes home your dog will be used to the smell of the baby and would not think of your baby as a complete stranger. So when you bring the baby home, he would do a friendly sniff recheck instead of a sniff down.

3. When you come home with the baby

When you come home with the baby
Introduce Your Dog To Your Newborn Baby

When you return home, let your husband hold the baby and you pet your dog because he has probably missed you a lot in the past few days and so would have you.

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The first few times that you feed your baby or someone is feeding the baby with a bottle ask your husband or whoever is available to give your dog a treat as well.

The changes to your existing life can be slightly confusing for your dog, so we recommend you let your dog be near the baby only under your or somebody’s 100% supervision.

He might take a little time to completely accept the presence of a new member in the house, but dogs are loving creatures and a human’s best friend for the right reasons.

Give your dog time and be patient and as loving as you can be with it and you will see how your little human baby and your little dog baby become best of friends.

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