How You Can Make Your Dog Live Longer And A Healthier Life

How You Can Make Your Dog Live Longer With A Healthier Life

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It is very appealing to want to bring a furball home and imagine a life of enjoyment and bliss with it. However, the aspects of actually caring for a dog are often overlooked while considering bringing one home. In this blog, we inform you about How You Can Make Your Dog Live Longer With A Healthier Life.

If you are considering bringing home a new best friend for you or your family, here are some fundamentals you must consider before you even think about bringing home a dog.

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1. Do Not Compromise With Space

Do Not Compromise With Space
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Many people believe that they can have a dog while living in cramped quarters. As unfair as it sounds, it is not ideal for a dog to be living in a space without having many manoeuvrability options.

If you are considering bringing a pet home, you must be absolutely sure that the dog has sufficient space to move around and be comfortable.

If it is not possible to ensure space for it, make sure that you meet the dog’s physical activity requirements, especially if you decide on bringing home an active breed.

The primary reason behind this is to keep the dog’s aggressive and volatile temperament in check. If the dog gets neither plenty of space nor plenty of physical activity, there will be a point where it gets irritable and volatile, thus making it harder for you to keep it comfortable.

2. Exercise Your Dog Daily

No matter what breed of dog you decide to bring home, be is no doubt that every dog requires plenty of physical activity. Naturally, if you select a working-class breed like a German Shepherd or a Boxer, its activity requirements will be far more than that of a toy breed such as a Lhasa-apso or a Pomeranian.

Extensive veterinarian research has established that loads of physical activity are crucial to keep a dog healthy. Making sure that your dog meets its daily exercise requirements is crucial for its bones, muscles, and healthy functioning of its body.

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If dedicating time for your dog’s physical activity is a challenge for you, consider focusing on smaller breeds that do not require as much exercise as their larger counterparts.

Allowing your dog to become obese and inviting a host of health issues that come along with it,  is the last thing you’d want for it.

3. Give All Your Love & Attention To Build A Meaningful Relationship

Give All Your Love
Dog Live Longer

This may sound absurd but emotional availability is crucial to being able to construct a meaningful relationship with your dog. Dogs are very sentient by nature and they require plenty of love and attention in order to be well-behaved and helpful pets.

You must ensure that you can emotionally validate them without spoiling them to the extent of being ill-mannered pets. As your dog grows older, they will become more attached to you and will pamper you just as much, if not more, as you do them. There’s nothing more rewarding than being loved unconditionally by the best friend man can have.

4. Optimal Nutrition Is Must & Keep Away From Dangerous Food

Now, feeding a pup can be quite tricky. This is mainly because of the extensive number of choices of food and treats in the existing pet-care market.

However, you must consult with a veterinarian and come up with the optimal diet for your pup that ensures it gets the proper amount of nutrition.

Ensuring that your pup is well-fed goes a long way in maintaining and improving its long term-health.

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If you are planning to be a first-time pet parent, it is vital for you to remember that certain foods are an absolute no-no when it comes to feeding your dog. These include chocolate, sugar, and alcohol to name a few.

These foods can injure your dog’s digestive tract or worse, create problems in their livers, pancreas, and kidneys. It goes without saying that over-feeding your dog or giving it copious amounts of veterinarian-approved dog treats and junk food can result in obesity which creates joint problems, systemic issues, and heart disorders.

Therefore, while it is tricky to ensure that your dog is receiving the right amount of nutrition, it is definitely possible to come up with just the correct diet plan, in consultation with a vet, which ensures a long and healthy life for your dog.

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5. Deworming & Vaccinations For Prevention From Diseases

Deworming & Vaccinations
Dog Live Longer

Just like vaccinations are crucial for humans for the prevention of dangerous and life-threatening diseases, they play one of the most important roles in ensuring that your dog’s immune system is strong and capable enough to ward off the threats of certain diseases like rabies (which can be fatal), canine distemper (can be fatal), hepatitis, leptospirosis and so on.

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These are the most fundamental things your dog needs in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Bear in mind that your dog, being a sentient being, deserves a good quality of life and not one riddled with illness and other health issues.

If your dog is not well-taken care of, naturally it will go through emotional and physical pain. It goes without saying that constant veterinary care also requires a lot of money as well as mental resilience.

The simplest thing to avoid such mishaps to ensure that you follow at least the basics that you’ve read here.

At the end of it all, you can rest assured that not only will you have gained a companion who would give you its best, but also that you have given your pet the best possible life it needs and wants.

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