Make Grooming of your Golden Retriever easy with these Professional Tips

Make Grooming of your Golden Retriever easy with these Professional Tips

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As its name infers, the Golden Retriever is most popular dog breed for its streaming, brilliant layer of thick, delicate fur. It’s anything but difficult to keep the breed’s medium-length coat sparkly and wonderful with standard and regular grooming.

Since Golden Retrievers are so accommodating, their fur coat is extremely gorgeous. So, grooming a Golden Retriever doesn’t need to be a task, rather it can be a great bonding time between you and your canine buddy.

To groom a Golden Retriever quickly, effectively, and adequately you simply need a couple of tools and a touch of information. Grooming will help you keep on top of the hefty shedding known in every Golden Retriever. It will likewise shield their fur from tangling and knotting, which can be agonizing for your little buddy.

These furry little dogs need a considerable amount of coat care, however, it probably won’t be as difficult a job as you anticipate.

Let’s share the perfect grooming routine you need to follow so that you can groom your Golden Retriever buddy like a professional. Check out the video to visually understand how to groom your dog with long hair.

1. Brush your Golden Retriever from head to toe

Give close consideration to every area on the body, dedicate some extra time to the parts of your Golden Retriever’s body where the fur is thick or tangled. This is especially true if you have a mixed breed that has inherited a doubly-thick coat like a Golden Retriever Corgi! To keep your Golden Retriever’s coat fit as a fiddle, brush it head to toe at least once per week if you cannot do it every day. This will help abstain from tangling and will likewise help decline the measure of fur your little friend sheds in your home.

To eliminate mats, hold the fur over the tangle near your dog’s skin to shield him from unreasonable pulling. Brush or comb the fur out delicately, beginning at the very tip of the tangle by working your way in towards the skin. If it’s impossible to detangle the fur, cut them out with a sharp pair of scissors, being mindful so as not to cut your pooch while in the process.

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2. Bathe your Golden Retriever buddy

Bathe your pooch with a good quality dog shampoo diluted with lukewarm water. There is some discussion whether you ought to do this previously or after you trim its fur. In the event that your Golden Retriever is very dirty and malodorous, feel free to bathe it before you groom it. If your little guy has been bathed as of recently, you can presumably avoid the shower or stand by until after you groom the canine to get any overabundant fur off towards the end.

Pour and foam the diluted shampoo everywhere on your dog’s body, give it a nice rub and when you’re satisfied, wash off the shampoo completely from its coat and rub dry with a big towel. If you need your dog’s coat to be worth showing, it very well might be important to blow dry its fur. Simply make sure to keep the heat on low and move toward the fur’s growth

While numerous Golden Retriever parents possibly wash their little guys when the canine is particularly dirty, some decide to wash them on a customary timetable, for example, at regular intervals. The decision is completely yours.

3. Brush your Golden Retriever again after bathing

The bath helps to get the loose hair out from the skin. And to separate that you need to brush your dog’s coat again after drying its fur completely.

This will fix your dog’s coat and give you a decent beginning point for grooming. You should seriously mull over using an undercoat brush to get as much undercoat out as possible and detangle to fur for you before you begin to thin it with thinning shears.

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4. Trimming your Retriever’s coat

Try not to trim your Golden Retriever’s whole coat. Golden Retrievers have a two fold coat, consisting of an undercoat and an overcoat. The blend of these two coats is intended to keep the canine at an agreeable temperature in any season. It traps cool air between the coats on a hot day whereas traps warm air between coats on a chilly day.

If you trim the whole coat, it would hinder this regular warming and cooling framework.

You may not have to use trimmers or clippers to trim your dog’s coat. Some scissors and a couple of thinning shears should sufficiently do the needful fur trimming.

The fur on your canine’s feet should be short, around a 1/2 inch long, and should set down smooth against the outside of the foot.

  • First, start with legs. As it usually gets a lot fuzzy. So, Comb the hair to remove any tangle, in case you left any. Then trim the hair about a few inchs in length. Repeat the step on all 4 legs. The hair at the back are usually longer than the hair at the front.
  • Then move on your dog’s chest and neck. While trimming these areas, always trim the hair in the growth direction to make it look natural.
  • Use thinning shear on fuzzy and unkempt hair to remove enough hair. Comb the coat out to see if the coat is lying flat and that’s the point where it is done.
  • The last will be thetail. Use thinning shear to trim the tail fur length by tapering it from the base. Make sure you don’t cut the fur too short.

But if you’re not confident enough in yourself with the scissors, we better suggest you to take the help of a professional only. Take your dog to a Pet salon.

5. Trim and groom the Paws

You’ll need to manage the fur around the base to the feet first as they get a ton of fluffy hair development there.

So, trim the hair growing in the middle of your Golden Retriever’s paws.

  • Get your dog in a comfortable position. (can be lying on floor)
  • Open it’s paw pads with your fingers and brush the hair from inside to outside direction.
  • Take a blunt end scissor and carefully cut the hair that are growing over the paw pads.

Then comes the Nail Trimming

  • It becomes easy if you get your dog on a table or higher surface to trim the nails.
  • Take the nail trimmer tool and talk nicely to your dog to distract and get the attention on you.
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, trim the nail little by little until you reach quick. Make sure you don’t cut the quick as it will make the nail bleed.
  • And, to stop the bleeding, always keep cornstarch or styptic powder ready. Just dab a pinch of either powder on your dog’s bleeding nail and within a few seconds, bleeding will stop.
  •  Don’t forget to apply paw cream or vaseline, whatever is available to you, on your dog’s paw pads to cure the cracked dry pads.

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6. Trim & Clean the Golden Retriever’s ears next

Trim the fur around the front and back of the ears. This will be essential to keeping your canine’s ears solid. You’ll need a comb, thinning shear, straight shear, & stripping knife.

  • Hold the ear upwards. Take the thinning shear and start cutting the grown hair around the ear opening.
  • Then fold the ear towards the front, in the direction of the eyes. And start trimming at the back hair of the ear.
  • Once you’re done, take a straight shear and start trimming around the outline of the ear.
  • Now finish with the Stripping knife. Grab the hair with your thumb and knife and just pull in downward direction. We assure you this won’t hurt your dog until and unless you’re doing wrong.

Here’s a demonstration video on how to trim the hair of a Golden Rertiever dog.

Now that the trimming part is complete, Let’s take a look at how to clean your dog’s ear.

  • First step, gather the ear cleaning tools like cotton balls, ear cleaning solution for dogs and a clena dry towel.
  • Get your dog on the floor in a comfortable position.
  • Hold the ear up and pour the ear cleaning solution into your dog’s ear upto the ear canal.
  • Keep holding the ear up and start massaging gently at the base of the ear for 30 seconds. This will lossen up the dirt, wax and other substances lodged inside the ear.
  • Take the towel and hold it around your dog’s head to catch the solution and dirt coming out flying from its ear when it shakes its head.
  • Then take a cotton ball or cotton pad to remove the gunk from its ear. Don’t shove the cotton or your finger into its ear as you might damage the ear. So, just use cotton or the towel to wipe the dirt and dry the ear.

7. Apply flea and tick medication to finish your Golden Retriever’s grooming

On the off chance that you are grooming your Golden Retriever every month, at that point this is an incredible chance to make sure to take flea and tick precautions.

Keeping your canine’s coat liberated from insects won’t just assist the canine’s overall health but will likewise keep its coat liberated from dander and flea dust.


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