How to Make Bathtime More Enjoyable for Your Dog

Grooming 101: How To Make Bath Time Enjoyable For Your Dog

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If you have a pet dog, you may also feel anxious when bathing them. No matter what you try, some dogs will always hate bathing. Sometimes they dislike it because it triggers unpleasant memories, such as being scalded by hot water. Most dogs are unfamiliar with this activity and feel uncomfortable doing it. However, it’s still possible to make them learn to love it. 

So, don’t worry if your furry friend tries to jump out of the tub every time you bathe them. There are ways to make the activity enjoyable and stress-free for you and your dog. Check out this article for some valuable tips.

1. Introduce Them To Bath Time Early

Introduce Them To Bath Time Early

The first thing you must do is to get your pup used to taking baths. It’s much easier to do this when you bring a dog into your home as a puppy. However, it would be best if you didn’t bathe them younger than eight weeks. Puppies are still learning how to self-regulate their body temperature before this age. So, wait until they’re older before dipping them in the tub. 

If your dog is adopted or older, you can still desensitize them to baths. One way is to enroll them in dog behaviour training to let them get used to following your commands. Trainers are also the ideal people to help dog owners introduce new things to their pets. Sometimes you need a helping hand, even if you’ve enticed them with goodies or toys. 

Introducing your dog to bath time early in life allows them to find comfort in the water. It also helps you spot possible triggers that may bother your pup. The best way is to visit a reliable and skilled pet groomer. These individuals understand how to interact with dogs of varying breeds and temperaments.

2. Praise Them And Offer Lots Of Treats

Praise Them And Offer Lots Of Treats
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Some dog owners make the mistake of scolding their pups when they don’t cooperate during bath time. That transforms it into a negative experience and demonstrates that it’s something that your dog should fear. So, instead of making baths a nightmare for them, make them fun with lots of compliments and treats. 

Remember that most dogs effectively learn through positive reinforcement. While you’re bathing them, soothe them with comforting words.

Dogs may not understand the meanings of words, but they recognize a calming tone of voice. If they start to fuss, avoid raising your voice.

Encourage them to stay still, and reward them with pats and praises when they do. 

After bathing your dog, provide their favorite snacks. Dogs comprehend that treats are a sign of performing well in a specific task.

In addition, you can also give them treats during bath time to distract them from the water.

3. Use The Right Shampoo For Their Coat

Use The Right Shampoo For Their Coat - Bath Time

Like humans, dogs have different fur and skin types. Using the wrong shampoo may leave your pet with skin rashes or allergies after a bath. If you use a bath product that irritates your dog, bath time will make them more stressed and anxious.  

Generally, don’t use human shampoo or other cleaning soaps on your dog. Always go for Moe Puppy All-Natural Pet shampoos that are mild to the dog’s skin and coat.

Keratin+ Pet Shampoo has been highly appreciated by many pet owners for its great properties of repairing & strengthening damaged fur. Indirectly, it reduces the shedding of fur.

Bath products for humans have various chemical ingredients and different pH levels. Most pet stores sell shampoo appropriate for any dog breed.

However, if your dog has a diagnosed skin condition, it’s best to use a medical shampoo prescribed by their vet.  

Alternatively, you could also seek the advice of your dog’s groomer if you don’t know what shampoo to use.

Keep in mind that you’re responsible for your pup’s health and well-being as a pet owner. So, pick the right shampoo to make their baths comfortable and fun.

4. Stay On The Ideal Temperature

Stay On The Ideal Temperature

Your dog knows dipping into extremely hot or cold water is not enjoyable. Note that it’s not only unpleasant but also potentially dangerous.

Boiling temperatures can scald their fur-covered skin and your hands. On the contrary, icy bath water would cause them to shiver. 

It’s worth noting that the optimal water temperature for your dog’s bath is lukewarm. It’s comfortable for any dog breed and size and is less likely to make them jump out of the water and It’s also safe for you, with or without rubber gloves.

5. Distraction Is Key

Distraction Is Key - Bath Time

Lastly, don’t forget to bring some toys to the tub. Your dog might have a favorite rubber squeaky toy they won’t let go of.

Put it in the water and watch them pay attention to it, leaving you free to lather them in shampoo. You can even play short games with them, turning bath time into another form of playtime. 

Admittedly, this trick doesn’t work for all dogs. If your pup still doesn’t budge, try distracting them with food. Stick a silicone lick mat with generous amounts of dog-safe peanut butter on the wall where your dog can reach it.

Your dog will spend more time and energy licking the treats instead of getting out of the tub. However, don’t forget to wash away any food residue on their face before you end their bathing session.


Your dog’s bath time doesn’t have to be a dreadful chore. With enough time and patience, your pup will learn to enjoy their baths or, at least, endure them calmly.  

Be gentle with them as you show them that bathing isn’t scary. Double-check the water’s temperature and ensure you rinse and dry their fur thoroughly afterward.

Remember that your dog’s comfort and safety must be your priority. So, don’t force them into the tub if they don’t like it, and try again some other day.

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