10 Hound Dog Breeds That Have Ever Existed

10 Hound Dog Breeds That Have Ever Existed

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Can Hound Dog breeds be an excellent pet for people, or can petting them be your most dangerous mistake? 🤯

The Hound Dogs are the first hunting dog breeds; they have a compelling sense of smell and great speed of running. 

Hound breeds are used to chase and track the prey of the hunters. Many hounds follow their targets using different senses, with the two most common being the scent and sight of the canine. 

Regardless of whether you’re a hunter, Hounds make an excellent companion as they are crazily alert, active, intelligent, and adaptable. 

Most people are unaware of the deadliest types of Hound Dog Breeds that can be great hunting partners and great pets… 

Hence, I’ll take you through 10 species of Hound dogs that you will fall in love with! 

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1. Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hounds

As the name suggests, Afghan Hounds are native to Afghanistan and are blessed with a powerful vision; they are bound to be active hunters who use their strong sense of sight and smell to track and chase their targets. 

The Afghan Hounds are known for their long locks and pretty hair and are considered a very loyal breed to its owner.

While their coat needs high maintenance, it does not shed very quickly, making them an excellent pet for owners with allergies and other sensitivities. 

2. Basset Hounds 

Basset Hounds | Hound Dog Breeds

Basset HoundS are extremely popular for their rabbit hunting skills and are likable due to their ability to cuddle and become extremely friendly to their families and old owners. 

They are recognizable with the characteristics of long ears and a shorter body; They are extremely fond of children and make a good family pet. However, they require exercise and walking other than more activities to be more energetic. 

The Basset Hound dogs are considered excellent pets for naive Pet owners. 

3. Beagle 

Beagle | Hound Dog Breeds

One of the most iconic hound dog breeds is a Beagle, widely known for its ability to scent and track its prey from a considerable distance.

They are recognizable by every dog lover due to their white and brown and some black markings on their coat. 

They also can hunt in packs, and they will happily make you and your family a part of their pack. 

This type of Hound Dog breed is straightforward to please and has enormous reserves of stamina and strength for a hunt. 

4. BloodHound 

Bloodhound | Hound Dog Breeds

The Bloodhound species are more prominent than a beagle or any hound dog breed; It was the first dog to hunt other animals such as boars and deers in the jungle.

This canine is still widely used for hunting but moreover used as a search dog for missing people. 

The hound dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than many dog breeds allowing them to perform the hunting tactics better than many other hound dog breeds. 

The Bloodhound can discern human scent over long distances and, surprisingly, even days later! 

They weigh from 36 Kg to 72 Kg and are 69 cm long.

The BloodHounds are gentle and do not get tired while following a scent and have an even friendly nature making them fantastic family pets. 

According to the UK Kennel Club survey, they live up to 12-15 years of age. 

5. Irish WolfHound

Irish Wolfhound | Monkoodog

The Irish WolfHound is a legendary sighthound breed that belongs to Ireland and is one of the giant breeds of dogs considered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) by its presence and inspired mythology. 

These hounds are the size of a small pony, commonly found size 30 inches in height.

As recommended by their name, they were used for hunting wolves and bred their tracks to follow them into the woods. 

The Irish Wolfhound is known for its large size ranging from 81 – 86 centimeters and weighing around 79 Cm. 

Captain George Augustus Graham of Rednock was responsible for creating the Irish WolfHound dog breeds. 

6. Basenji 

Basenji | Hound Dog Breeds

The Basenji joins the Afghan hound breeds as the oldest breeds of hound dogs. They are bred from stock that originated in central Africa and can produce an unusual ‘Yodel-like sound’ due to their differently shaped larynx. 

This breed is alert, energetic, and curious but reserved and defensive with strangers. 

They are emotionally more attached to a single human being, dislike wet weather like cats, and often refuse to step outside during rain. Basenji are highly prey-driven and will chase down cats and other smaller animals. 

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large dog breed in the South African region. They are crossbreeds with the European dogs by the Cape Colony of Africa colonists. 

Male Ridgebacks usually stand 25 – 27 inches and weigh around 40 Kg, while the females are 24-26 inches and weigh approximately 32 Kg. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known to be loyal and intelligent, highly athletic, and sometimes imposing. However, they do have a sensitive side. 

Initially bred for hunting lions, they are designed and trained to be powerful hunting partners; hence you should always consider a fence or a leash while having them in your family so that they never go out of control and hurt others around you. 

They are also trendy for their incredible patience with children and their ability to adapt to various family lifestyles. 

8. Dachshund 


Dachshunds are also called ‘The Sausage dog’ because they breed short-legged and long-bodied hound dogs. They make an excellent apartment companion as well as for elderly owners. 

A Dachshund is long-bodied and muscular with short legs. Its front legs are large and particularly suitable for digging.  Their low-slung bodies require less exercise than most dog breeds. 

If they are a part of your family, you should take good care of them so that they don’t become overweight and put safety measures to avoid a strain on their long spine. 

9. Scottish Deerhound 

Scottish Deerhound | Hound Dog Breeds

Scottish Deerhound specializes in tracking wild deers. They are incredibly loyal and affectionate but are not comfortable with apartments and require trained individuals to care for them. 

They are closely related to the Irish Wolfdog and are incredibly tall and powerful hunting breeds. Scottish Deerhound is capable of running tirelessly for a very long period. 

The deerhound needs enough exercise to remain fit and healthy and develop into a very agile breed of hunting dog. 

The puppies are highly dependent on an individual for their upbringing and are quite destructive when they don’t receive sufficient food or exercise; however, an average adult Deerhound spends its time relaxing on the floor or couch, sleeping. 

10. Whippet 

Whippet | Hound Dog Breeds

This British breed of hound dogs is popularly called ‘Whippets.’ An excellent breed of dogs for people living in urban areas. They are a sighthound breed that originated in the United Kingdom and are descendants of the Greyhound. 

Whippets also participate in large numbers in dog sports such as Lure coursing, Dock diving, Flyball, and Agility. 

They are tranquil dogs with a temperament to love their owners and other people. The breed is speedy and has a great time chasing and running. 

However, you need to take extra care while putting them off the leash since they tend to run or chase smaller animals and prey uncontrollably. 


Hurray! You finally know the ten best species of Hound dog breeds, Congratulations on reading it all! 

There are many species of Hound dogs, but I just told you about the ten deadliest of them all that are brilliant on the hunting grounds. 

All the Hound Dog breeds are large and need a lot of exercises to chase their prey effortlessly, but it always prevents you from putting them off the leash since they might run away. 

All the dogs mentioned above are incredibly loyal, friendly, and compassionate, and I’m sure they will be an ideal companion for you and your family. 

What’s your favorite dog from the Hound dog breeds? How is it going with you if you already have a hound dog as a family member?

Let us know your story! We would love to read it! 😍

We are awaiting your crazy comments and opinions on our article. 

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