Dog Auction Event by the Chinese police academy

Dog Auction Event by the Chinese police academy

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Here is your chance to own a disciplined yet amiable dog flunked out of its career in law enforcement for being too gentle to set in.

Though all canines are equal, some of them are just cut off gentler slack, simply not fit enough to settle in law enforcement work. Therefore, searching for new homes for these friendly dogs, the Criminal Investigation Police University of China is organizing an auction for about 54 dogs.

The auction will commence from 7th July.

You get to choose from a range of friendly German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch shepherd hybrids.

These dogs are well trained and healthy. They lack the austere temperament suitable for police dogs. However, with their compassionate nature, they are better aligned for peaceful and homely settings.

Price: The starting price for each canine stands at about $30, with each bid increasing by $7.70 until the end of the auction.

General personality traits: timid, friendly, physical weakness ( with reference to the requirement in law enforcement), refusing to bite or attack when prompted.

Rule: the buyers are required to sign an agreement and thereby follow the government regulations for raising and caring properly for the canines. The owners will be prohibited from reselling the dogs or giving them up in adoption to another owner.

Join in to own trained and friendly companions.

Event by – The Criminal Investigation Police University, China
Location – Northeastern Liaoning, China
Day & Date – Starting from Wednesday, July 7.
Price – Starting at about $30, with bids increasing by $7.70
Open for all.

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