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Doggo paddle with B’More SUP

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Mark your calendar for an adventurous stand-up Dog paddleboarding with the Baltimore community. A dog-friendly event,  SUP with your PUP is a guided excursion sure to keep both you and your four-legend companion charged up with exuberance.

This Dog-friendly event will embark on July 10, 2021, from 10:30 AM to 11:45 AM.  A guided venture with certified stand-up paddleboarding instructors, Doggie Paddle with B’More SUP is designed to keep you and your furry companions dazzled all summer long!

Presented by Baltimore’s SUP community, a group bent on inspiring individuals to live life to its fullest and explore the amazing city by paddleboard, Doggo paddle with B’More SUP  is a great opportunity to reward your pooches with a mesmerizing lifetime experience on the water!!

The adventurous SUP with your PUP is an expedition that includes a brief introduction to SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), followed by a guided paddling on Bear Creek to end with a super fun play-time on a local beach! And what’s more, your Doggo earns the additional benefit of plenty of dog treats once you get back to the SUP shack!

Admission Charges: $45 for Adult + Dog (Includes board rental) $30 Adult + Dogs (without rental boards)


  • Previous paddling experience is highly recommended for Dog-Owners. In case of the absence of the same, a lesson or class beforehand (available in our services), is recommended.
  • All canines are to possess life jackets ( preferably to be brought from home)
  • It is advisable to bring water for your canine and yourself.
  • Dogs of all sizes, swimming abilities, and age are heartily welcome, however, the only requirement that holds up is the friendliness of your canine around other dogs

This is a great opportunity for all dog parents and their pooches to socialize and experience an elating fun time on the water paddleboarding in Baltimore. Sure you leave you satisfied and your dog’s tails wagging.

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