Dogo Argentino The descendants of Cordoba Fighting Dog Breed

Dogo Argentino: The Descendants of Cordoba Fighting Dog Breed

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A pack of explosive power and energy would be the words defining a Dogo Argentino. The Argentinian Mastiff is the only dog that originated in Argentina and situated its name in the world of fierce hunters and loyal protectors. 

They look powerful, large, white and are appreciated worldwide for their keen senses and courageous nature. 

The big game hunter often accompanies their humans on tracking, police and military work, and narcotics detection. Their high trainability and eagerness to learn to make them efficient service dogs. 

But are they perfect dogs for first-time owners? Let’s dive right into some interesting facts about this fierce beast and find out more about them. 

Who Created Dogo Argentino? How?

When in the 1920s, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez wanted to develop a breed that can hunt wild boars for him through the rough terrain of Argentina, he chose two dog breeds to crossbreed and make a Dogo Argentino. 

The breed he picked up primarily was the now extinct Cordoba. He bred the Fighting Dog of Cordoba with many different dog breeds including the Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Boxer, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Pyrenees, Dogue de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhound, and Spanish Mastiff.

The resulting dog was a fierce hunter with great stamina and versatility, able to use its sensing ability to hunt even big prey like Puma. 

Who created Dogo Argentino
The breed he picked up primarily was the now extinct Cordoba.

Though this breed was invented to be aggressive, their aggressiveness was suppressed overtime for them to be able to cooperate with other dogs. 

The Dogo Argentino found its way into the fighting rings over the years. The danger it posed to humankind got it banned from several countries including Australia, The Cayman Islands, Fiji, Iceland, Singapore, and Ukraine. 

The American Kennel Club recognized the breed only recently in 2020. Though the breed got recognition earlier only by the United Kennel Club as work dogs.

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Badass Name of Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino breed is also recognized with other names like Argentinian Dogo’ or simply ‘Dogo’. Argentina got attached to the breed’s name due to its place of origin. Simply, their name means the dog of Argentina. 

How Can You Tell If It’s a Dogo Argentino?

The well-built and muscled-up dogs of this breed have a large and sleek body with athletic stature. With a body slightly longer rather than being tall, their head is a strong, broad, and daunted one on a thick and muscular neck. 

Their hindquarters are very muscular which gives them a look of strength. The ears of the Dogo Argentino are cut at a young age into a pointed shape to avoid drooping and preventing their hunting activities. However, kennel clubs nowadays have picked up a call for natural ears. 

Another thing that strikes these dogs as different from other dog breeds is their unique dental arch. Their dental arch is shaped in a square shape at the front that gives them ample surface area for a strong bite. 

How Big Does an Argentinian Dogo Get?

The size of these dogs gets them sorted into the big dog’s category. 

A Dogo Argentino on average stands at 24-27 inches tall and weighs on average 80-100 pounds. The size of these dogs gets them sorted into the big dog’s category. 

Their diet and nutrition plan also belong to the big dog diet plan. 

Are Dogo Argentino Only White?

The striking white coat of a Dogo Argentino is the first thing you would notice about them. Their short smooth coat is completely white except for the dark patch around the eye that covers less than 10 percent of their face. 

This breed comes in only one color, which is white. This helps the hunters to spot them in the tricky Argentinian terrain. 

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Does the Dogo Argentino Shed?

Dogo Argentinos shed heavily all year-round. Though with proper nutrition and care, shedding can be minimized.  

Is Dogo Argentino a Good Family Dog?

Is Dogo Argentino a good family dog?
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Contrary to the aggression that comes out while hunting, a Dogo Argentino is a happy dog in general. Towards their family, they show unusual loyalty and affection. 

That is what drives them to ferocity if they sense any sort of danger towards them. 

They are authoritative and strong-willed and are disposed towards leading. With looks matching a pit bull, they are automatically classified by the observer as aggressive. 

However, with positive training and experienced handling, Dogo Argentinos can turn out to be loving family pets. 

Is Dogo Good with Kids?

An untrained Dogo Argentino is not an angel dog around kids. Apart from their sometimes getting aggressive, they can get a bit careless while they are playing. They run like bulls in all directions and that might make things fly. Sometimes they bump into children too. 

They are also very protective of their family’s kids. That sometimes leads to a problem if they are suspicious of the other kids who are their kids’ friends. They need training and exposure to kids’ company at a young age to be a well-behaved four-legged friend to a kid. 

Do Dogo Argentinos Make Good Guards?

Dogo has the ability to guard the families and protect them through thick and thin. Their history of being fearless hunters of boars and big prey grants them incomparable strength and a strong will. 

Though they are suspicious of strangers, they become familiar with them once they are sure of their behavior. Dogo is very effective in guarding large estates. 

Do Dogo Argentinos Have a High Prey Drive?

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Due to their hunting past, the prey drive in their nature is still apparent. They are often chasing small animals around the house. Their dominant behavior and zeal to lead get them into conflict with other animals. Sometimes, they chase these animals just for fun. Dogo is a fun-loving canine. 

To make these dogs familiar with other pets in the household, they need proper socialization training at a young age and engagement with them in different activities. 

Are Dogo Argentinos Hard to Train?

The strong Dogo Argentino has a high energy level. This requires them to engage in vigorous exercises that engage their energy. Experts recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise daily for these dogs. This helps them look fit and stay healthy. 

To engage a Dogo, play the game of fetch with them in a safely fenced area. You can also engage them in agility and obedience exercises. You would be surprised by their excellence in almost everything. 

After you are done with their exercise, you would see them lounging playfully on a couch, or playing non-aggressively around the house. But if you do not get them good exercise, they will get bored. 

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And what does a bored Dogo do? 

It destroys. 

They would resort to destructive behavior including chewing, biting, and digging. Their excessive barking could be heard around the neighborhood. So if you choose to get a Dogo, don’t exercise lax with their workout. That would act not only as a physical but also a mental stimulus for them.

Are Dogo Argentino Low Maintenance?

Are Dogo Argentino low maintenance?
Bathing occasionally, like once a month, is enough for them. 

The short white coat of a Dogo Argentino does not require much maintenance. Brushing their coat weekly with a soft-bristled brush is enough for their coat to stay silky. 

Bathing occasionally, like once a month, is enough for them. 

Brushing their teeth once or twice a week is necessary to avoid all dental and oral problems. Regular vet visits and health checkups help them live a healthy and doggo life.

Their short coats don’t give them enough protection from sunburn. That requires you to keep an eye on the time they spend under the sun. Apply sunscreen if you are taking your dog out in the sun for a long time. 

Is Dogo Argentino a Healthy Breed?

Being a generally healthy breed, Dogo Argentino is not prone to any specific health-related issue. They complete a healthy lifespan of 9-15 years

However, like any other dog breed, they are prone to genetic health disorders. Deafness is very common in this breed with over 10 percent of the dogs born deaf. 

This specific deafness is pigment-related deafness which is also found in other white color dogs like Dalmatians, White Bull Terriers, and White Boxers. 

These dogs are also prone to large dog diseases like Dysplasia. However, it can be easily treated with medication and proper treatment. 

Is Dogo Argentino Good for a First Time Owner?

A Dogo Argentino is a strong-willed beast. If there is any possibility of them listening to commands, it would be from someone experienced and confident. 

They need an ample amount of training and focus in order to be trained. 

They are too stubborn and may sometimes become too much to handle. That requires an experienced handler who knows how to deal with dogs like that. 

The leadership quality of a Dogo extends to dominance over humans as well if they see their confidence falter. 

Consistency and proper channeling are necessary with these dogs if there is any possibility of them getting trained. With the right handler, a Dogo can be cooperative around even the small animals of the household. Positive reinforcement training is the best way to get along with them. 

Is Dogo Argentino Expensive?

Considering the rarity of this breed, these dogs do not come quite as expensive as one might imagine.

Considering the rarity of this breed, these dogs do not come quite as expensive as one might imagine. You might get a Dogo Argentino puppy for as low as USD 1000 to as high as USD 4000

The price of the dog depends mostly on the breeder you adopt it from. Always get a dog from a responsible breeder. Take care of checking their health data before adopting a puppy and get proper documentation and formalities done. 

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Downsides of Adopting a Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos are banned in many countries. That leads to a problem in them being trustworthy even in the countries they have not been banned in.
  1. Exercise Needs

If you want a dog in whom you do not have to invest much exercise time, a Dogo Argentino might not be a dog for you. Their lack of exercise can turn them aggressive, and prone to jumping and hitting people.

  1. Stubborn

A Dogo is a very stubborn dog who is difficult to budge once he makes up his mind about something. They need an experienced handler to handle them. If you aren’t experienced enough, you might just prefer another dog. 

  1. Drooling

A Dogo is a big-time drooler. They would drool over everything you like and dislike and if you object, they would drool over you too. There is no way you can escape that. 

  1.  Illegal

Dogo Argentinos are banned in many countries. That leads to a problem in them being trustworthy even in the countries they have not been banned in. Your neighbors might be suspicious of their behavior and raise objections even at a slight provocation. 


Dogo Argentino Conclusion
A Dogo Argentino has situated its name in the most loyal guarding dog breeds of the world.

A Dogo Argentino has situated its name in the most loyal guarding dog breeds of the world. If you are looking for all-around protection with some cuddles and hugs at the end of the day, a Dogo Argentino might be a heaven-sent opportunity.

Once you get on this dog’s friend list, god protects anyone who walks toward you with a sinister intention. This loyal alpha would love you with all he has and ask for nothing in return. Or maybe, would just ask for a place to drool on!

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