20 Scary dogs to send shivers down the invader’s spine

20 Scary Dogs to Send Shivers Down the Invader’s Spine

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It is common knowledge, thanks to the cinema, that dogs were once used to fight alongside soldiers in battles. They were deadlier than the deadly weapons. From the ancient Babylonian times to the World Wars, dogs used to accompany their humans everywhere, even to death in battles. The fierce canine, tearing the enemy apart, is a perfect depiction of scary dogs.

Dogs in modern times are used widely as guards due to their loyal and fierce nature. Trespassers fear to tread the properties where there are canines as guards. What piques curiosity is how can the cute Pomeranians or the graceful sausages fight in battles? Don’t worry, they don’t.

Here is a list of the 20 most scary dogs in the world to make you hide away in a corner with one look. Though, deeper knowledge about these canines defies the perception that one can’t be lovable and fierce at the same time. Trespassers beware! Canine police on the watch!

1. American Molossus

American Molossus
Source:- Storytrender

Built with a frightening appearance of a darker than night skin and a fierce face, Molossus are descendants of the Mesopotamian war dogs. They were so feared in ancient times so as to get the name of hellhounds and are still picturised with fiery red eyes.

Molossus are loyal towards their masters. They mostly work in guarding jobs because of their intimidating sizes. These dogs need not even bark to scare off the trespassers. Poor training can turn them extremely dangerous and a veritable force but with proper training, they can be amiable towards the family.

● Best for guarding due to their size
● Bred as war dogs in ancient times so used to training
● Very fierce and loyal to their owners
● Require immense amount of daily exercise
● Not a suitable companion for kids

2. Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog is a breed originally belonging to Northern Europe between Finland and Russia. The dog is a national treasure in its homeland. The fierce beast has an aggressive and flexible nature that renders it prone to hunt even dangerous prey like wild boars.

The proud breed got its name only from its fame in tracking down and hunting Russian Brown Bear. Karelian Bear Dogs are famous worldwide for controlling Bear populations in places where they are a bother. Are they so scared that they can’t be domesticated? Not at all. They are scary but let’s find out the fun facts that make children love them.

● If cared for and exercised well, are really lovable with children
● Protective as nothing else; you can leave your children alone with them without a fear of anything harming them
● Very social, always try to communicate and connect
● Stronger and bigger than an average dog
● Very fast in speed
● Overall, intelligent, loyal, loving and intense companions

3. Caucasian Ovcharka | Scary Dogs

Caucasian Ovcharka

Found in the Caucasian region shared by Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Caucasian Ovcharka is a very furry, bear-looking dog. It is also known as the Russian Bear Dog due to its appearance. Ovcharka is a very tough-bred dog, brought up to fight off wolves in the mountainous regions. Ovcharka is a Russian word meaning shepherd as it works as a protector of sheep from wolves.

The shepherds sleep peacefully when they know their loyal canine is watching over their sheep. It protects families from dangerous predators in the wild regions. With an intimidating size and lion looks, Caucasian Ovcharka warns wolves of danger. Though, they are dangerous only to the hunters.

● Beer looking and big sized dog
● Very strong and aggressive
● Built like a tank for that desiring protection
● Suitable for outdoor life
● Not the best choice for families with kids as requires experienced trainers
● Very soft and hairy with a tough undercoat
● Unusually loyal and extremely courageous, never backs down from a fight

4. Tosa Inu

Karelian Bear Dog
Source: Thesprucepets

Tosa is a rare breed of Japanese dog. It is mainly a fighting dog seen in dog fights in the streets of Japan. The fighting genes are inherited by it from its war dog ancestors. The ownership of these canines is tightly restricted by nations and imports are banned. They are really dangerous and truly worthy of a scary dog title.

The art of fighting was inherited from the Japanese fighters, these fighters won’t make unnecessary sounds and are truly peaceful around children. They won’t even yelp if pinched by unharmful humans.

● Very calm and peaceful, massive dogs
● Fights like warriors
● Always alert and are perfect for becoming guard dogs
● Stubborn and likes to go by their own minds; very intelligent
● Eager to train and socialise
● Best to be around families and kids
● A rare breed, so difficult to find

5. Canary Mastiff | Scary Dogs

Karelian Bear Dog
Source: wikipedia

Found in the Canaries island by the early Spanish explorers, Canary Mastiff is a very scary dog. They were primarily seen working as protectors to protect pigs and shoo off predators. Also, they are good hunters used for hunting cattles.

Canary Mastiff was used for dog fights which were very popular on the island. Though the tough dogs are considered an asset to a farmer or a hunter, the local mythology terms them so scary dogs so as to personify demons.

● Very less furry and so, no fur shedding
● A dominating alpha nature that only obeys their master
● Not a perfect choice for a first-time owner
● One of the strongest bites of all dog breeds
● Need intense exercise and are of a strong built
● A very loyal, protective and confident dog

6. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos are famous hunters. They are also trained for military and defence services. They are employed for police work and are an asset in rescue operations.

With its natural intelligence and dominant behaviour, it needs a very experienced trainer. Aggression and furor are a part of their behaviour and are quite stubborn.

● Mind Blowing powerful
● Brought up to be hunters but employed in police and military services
● A courageous dog breed with an iron will
● Very loyal and friendly and always love to be in family activities
● Protective as nothing else

7. Brazilian Fila

Brazilian Fila
Source: dogtime

Brazilian Fila finds ancestors in Molluscs war dogs and that says much about their fighting capabilities. Though, the innocent creatures were used in the dark times of slavery by cruel masters to prevent slaves from running away. The canine though has a commendable tracking ability.

They used to track down cattles, large animals and even jaguars. Filas attack the prey’s neck and keep them grabbed until their masters ask them to let go.

● Work dogs; need a lot of time outside
● Their famed loyalty became a saying – ‘Faithful as a Fila’
● If trained properly, become a faithful and devoted family companion
● Become very difficult to control at a sign of threat to the family
● Perfect guard dogs for farms and ranches

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback | Scary Dogs

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are so fierce so as to keep even a lion at bay. Also known as the African lion hounds, these hounds are able to stand the harsh conditions of the African jungles. They easily ambush games and guide their owners’ waggons and houses.

Able to take the extreme temperature variations from freezing cold to sweltering heat, they are tough creatures.

● Employed for hunting and guarding
● Well known guards of children and waggons
● Can take down big prey and even lions
● Very strong-willed and self-guided canines
● Known as people dogs; devoted towards you and thrive in families

9. Tchiorny Terrier

Tchiorny Terrier
Source: commons.wikimedia

Found in Eastern Europe, Tchiorny Terrier is related to Caucasian Ovcharka. This breed is a result of the cross-breeding of various generations of various breeds. It is the only dog breed specifically bred to hunt human beings by the Soviet Union in the 1920s to guard prisoners.

They are now widely used as hunters. Though they are not a wise choice as pets due to obvious reasons but they are perfect guards. They are inclined to hunt down anyone they see as a threat. The problem is that they do it based on their own intelligence rather than taking orders.

● Bred for hunting humans as prisoners
● Very strong and dangerous breed
● Not fit as family pets
● Very determined and efficient for hunting
● Very intelligent and stubborn
● Perfect guard dogs

10. Bullmastiff


BullMastiff is a crossbreed between the English Mastiff and the Bulldog. Due to their night snatchers’ hunting capabilities, they were known as gang keeping night-dogs. They are known to stay quiet until the intruders enter and then attack them and keep them down until their gang keepers arrive.

Due to their strong heads and powerful muscles, they send an eloquent message – scary dog alert, trespassers beware!

● Specifically bred as guard dogs
● Neither bark nor bite; just keep their poachers pinned until the authority arrives
● Not very much exercise is needed with them
● Very lovable and playful family dog

11. Pitbull


Most of the trespassers walk clear of the paths when they see a dog similar in size and shape to Pitbulls. They were bred in ancient times as bloodhounds for dog fights. They are an umbrella breed consisting of many dogs of Pitbull type breeds.

Though, When raised in familial environments, Pitbulls can be very puppy faced tail wagging darlings. They are very protective canines towards their families. If left uncontrolled, they are prone to tear apart anyone who comes too close.

● Their behaviour depends on the environment they grow up in
● Very eager to please
● Determination is their powerful trait
● Crave human attention
● Good guard dogs as not likely to kill but catch

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12. English Mastiff

English Mastiff
Source: wikimedia

Weighing around 150 to even 200 pounds, the English Mastiff is a huge hound. Their intimidating size and their fierce nature make them a natural choice as guards. They do not need training for the job.

The best part about them is that they do not directly attack with their teeth. They tend to keep the intruder pinned down. They get even larger in size than their owners and so find it easy to tackle most trespassers.

● Very fierce yet affectionate with children
● Famous for their drooling
● Very playful and require regular exercise
● If displeased, turn destructive
● Shy and suspicious of strangers
● Natural guard dogs

13. Rottweiler | Scary Dogs


Rottweiler is an obvious canine breed finding a place on the scary dog list. Originally bred for cart pulling, they are intimidatingly muscular and big in size. Built-in black fur, they are suspicious of newcomers.

Though, Rottweilers are perfect human companions too. They are very sensitive and loving. They are fiercely loyal and protective of their owners.

● Incredibly strong
● Very brave; never backs down from a fight
● Very intelligent and fast learners
● A unique combination of fierce and lovable
● Natural protectors and guards for families

14. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

Even though Dobermans are big dogs, their abilities exceed their size. They are bred as work dogs to protect guards as they go around on night duties. Due to their fierceness, they look bigger than their size even after their sleek figures.

When they adopt a fighting stance, very few people would mess with them. Doberman have strong jaws and killing bites. Though, they have loving licks too and are amiable towards their owners.

● Require training from a young age
● Sleek, muscular and very strong dogs
● Bred to accompany defence officials
● Fast learners and don’t make a lot of barking noise
● Need proper exercise and socialisation training
● They act very fast and are very loyal

15. Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux
Source:- vetstreet

Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest dog breeds originating in France. They also find their way in history as war dogs. Even after being one of the most beautiful dogs, their large heads make them intimidating.

They are very confident dogs and rarely back down from a scuffle. Dogue de Bordeaux is considered very friendly with children and families but with strangers, they are mostly shy and wary.

● Serious faced; Scary dogs intruders away
● Very friendly with families
● Bred as war and fighting dogs
● Perfect for guarding cattle and livestock
● Very powerful and determined and are never afraid of fights

16. Boerboel

Source:- Dogbreedslist

Finding their origin of development in the interests of South African pioneers, Boerboel are truly scary dogs. They were used to hunt and livestock guarding. Boerboels are a force to reckon with even in front of predators like leopards and hyenas.

They very easily shoo away anything that messes with them. With their huge sizes and athletic bodies, their stance is confident and scary. Their display of fearlessness is unique as compared to other breeds.

● Powerful jaws and intimidating size
● Exceptionally fast speeds
● The winning attitude that helps them taking challenges head-on
● Used for guarding livestock
● Stands upright even in front of wild beasts
● Fearless and very scary dog

17. Great Dane

Great Dane

The tallest dog in the world is obvious to find a way in the list of scary dogs. Great Danes were earlier used to hunt big prey but eventually, they were stopped to be employed in such professions. Now, they find their places as family dogs, guarding and protecting them.

The shear size and loud barks are enough to scare trespassers without the Dane even raising a paw in the attack.

● Very affectionate and social
● Need regular exercise
● Suitable for big spaces due to their size
● Exceptionally strong sense of smell and often wander out
● Need proper training at an early age

18. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Shepherds are the most common dogs that come on our tongues when we talk about scary dogs. German Shepherds came into public view from the famous character of Rin Tin Tin. Shepherds are mostly walking alongside police officers and intelligence wings for search operations.

The strong jaws and developed sense of smell make them natural hunters. The highly intelligent nature and loyalty towards their families make them exceptional guards.

● Easy to train
● Loyal natured and sociable
● Intimidating barks and fighting nature
● Very active and energetic
● Strangers need to be wary

19. Cane Corso – Scary Dogs

Cane Corso

Cane Corso is easily one of the most intimidating dog breeds in the world. Their scary stare can send shivers down the spine. Cane Corso holds esteem in the community. One needs to make a well-thought-out decision before adopting a Corso.

Though, if you think you can take a Cane Corso to a dog park to socialise, you are wrong. They are keen to pick up fights.

● The Excessively aggressive
● Need proper and strong training
● Fiercely loyal that sometimes create problems
● Exceptional for protection and guarding
● Scary stares

20. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Don’t let the teddy bear Chow Chow fool you into believing them docile. They are fierce dogs who can stab you with their teddy looks. The loyalty and looks of Chow Chow make them very popular as pets but be careful.

These furballs have a very aggressive nature and a really short temper. Once provoked, they can wreak disaster. They are very fond of biting and that too, hard bites. They usually bow down to only one individual whom they consider their leader and are not a perfect choice for families, especially families with children.

● Such natural guards need the training to control their guarding nature
● Prone to bite
● Strong-willed and stubborn
● Used for hunting, herding and cart pulling
● If they feel trapped or attacked, can wreak havoc

The most interesting thing about all these canines is that even though different breeds have different qualities, a common thread runs through all the creatures who own the space marked dogs. Loyalty! The undeniable and unsuppressed loyalty makes the master fearless of these raging beasts.

Every dog is different and one needs to choose accordingly what they expect from their pets. One can have a combination of these dogs too. Even though most of these hounds are wary of other animals, if trained from a young age, they can become really friendly with their families’ other pets. Though, given below is a guideline before you get such scary dogs for yourself.

Things to keep in mind before getting a Scary dogs

Before you get a guard dog, you need to ask yourself these questions so that you can make a smart choice on which fierce canine to get.

1. What purpose do I need a guard dog for?

You may need them to guard your house or office. Guard dogs are always handy for search and detection jobs. They are frequently seen working for the protection of families and children. You need to keep your specific purpose in mind and then choose the dog accordingly.

2. How difficult is it to train them?

If you are a first-time owner and plan to train a guard dog by yourself, you may not be making the best decision. Guard dogs are quite difficult to train and go through expensive training to be able to do the job properly. It might get really difficult for you to train them and if you make a mistake in their training, you may get seriously hurt as most of them are quite aggressive.

3. Can I keep them with my family?

If you have a family with children in it, you need to make a very wise decision. You need to go with the canine that is most agreeable with families. There are many guard dogs who go well with families if they are exposed to socialisation at a young age. Though, except with their owners, most of such dogs are a danger to be around.

4. Are they too expensive?

A trained guard dog costs you around 14k-50k dollars. They are quite expensive. But if you have a treasure to protect that is worth the price, you would never be sorry for the money you spent. Getting a cheap guard dog would not turn out good for you as they may not have undergone good training. It would be like bringing home the reason for your misery.

5. Where can I find a guard dog?

In today’s world, you can easily connect with any training facility or a personal trainer to get yourself a guard dog. The ownership requires a lot of documentation, as dangerous as they may turn out to society. So, search the web and get your own canine guard.

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