Cockapoo: The Accidental Designer Breed.

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Dog Breed GroupCrossbreed, Hybrid
IntelligenceHighly intelligent
Weight6-19 LB
Height10-15 inch
TemperamentOutgoing, loyal, easy-going
SheddingVery little/ hypoallergenic
CoatLong, wavy/curly
TrainingEasy to train 
Common diseasesEar infection, patella luxation
Lifespan12-15 yrs

Known as clown dogs for their talent for making others happy, Cockapoos are among the earliest known crossbreeds, a mix between cocker spaniels and poodles. Cockapoos have a combination of the most outstanding qualities of parent breeds, which has made the entire globe fall in love with them. 

Their amiable personalities, paired with their upbeat demeanors, have these crossbreeds to gain popularity immediately. Their charming dispositions and inherent intellect make them excellent therapy dogs, and their hypoallergenic coats make them ideal for anybody seeking an allergen-free environment. 


The cockapoo was created accidentally in the 1960s, the U.S.A. when breeders bred a cocker spaniel and a poodle. This accidental mixing resulted in puppies with the intelligence, joyful, easy-going temperament of Cocker Spaniel, and hypoallergenic traits of Poodle. 

Impressed by these traits, dog fanatics started intentional crossing between poodle and cocker spaniel. Breeders then embarked on the lengthy and arduous task of establishing the Cockapoo as a pure breed.

The Cockapoo Club of America 1999, advocated multigenerational breeding of Cockapoos to one another rather than establishing fresh first generations. 

The American Cockapoo Club, founded in 2004, has breed standards and does not cross-breed a Cockapoo with a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel. 

Lastly, found in 1999, the North American Cockapoo Registry tried to establish them as a good breed.

Since they gained popularity, it has only increased by every decade. 

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What Will My Cockapoo Look Like?

What Will My Cockapoo Look Like?
The body of cockapoos is nicely proportioned with straight, robust front legs and short, rounded paws.

A cockapoo is a cross between a cocker spaniel and Poodle, the appearance can vary. Sometimes it can be more like a spaniel, and other times like a poodle. 

Their features include a 

  • Rounded head with long floppy ears 
  • A black nose 
  • And big attractive dark eyes under bushy eyebrows. 

The body of cockapoos is nicely proportioned with straight, robust front legs and short, rounded paws. The tail is medium in length and has a distinct tip at the end.  

This gem of a dog comes in various colors from black, brown, white, and even in a reddish tone. 

Variety of Colors

Brown noses, eye rims, lips, dark toenails, and dark amber eyes are common in brown dogs whereas black noses, eye rims, lips, black or self-colored toes, and very dark eyes distinguish black, blue, gray, cream, and white dogs.

How Big Is a Cockapoo in Size?

The designer dog breed comes in four different sizes:

  • The Teacup Toy weighs under 6 pounds and is less than 10 inches tall.
  • The Toy Cockapoo can grow to be 10 inches tall, but they have a more muscular physique, with the larger ones weighing just under 12 pounds.
  • The Miniature Cockapoo is a little dog that weighs 13 to 18 pounds and stands 11 to 14 inches tall.
  • The Standard or Maxi Cockapoo should be at least 15 inches tall and weigh more than 19 pounds.

What Coat Will My Cockapoo Have – Curly or Wavy?

What Coat Will My Cockapoo Have - Curly or Wavy?
The coats are generally thick, but the single coat is soft or silky in texture.

Both the parent breeds, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, are well known for their beautiful curly and wavy coats, so there is no doubt their output is lacking in that department.

These adorable dogs have three different types of coat

  • Tight curly coat
  • The medium curls coat
  • The flat coat

The coats are generally thick, but the single coat is soft or silky in texture. All three coat types are low-shedding/dander with low-allergen properties.

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When bred back to Poodle, the resulting generation will have a tight curl coat that is more hypoallergenic, whereas when generated back to a cocker spaniel, the coat is more towards the wavey- straight side and prone to shedding. 

Temperament and Personality 

Temperament and Personality
They are affectionate, playful, intelligent, alert, and attentive, a perfect mix of traits from both parents.

If asked for one word to explain a cockapoo’s temperament or personality, the answer will be HAPPY. With an ideal combination of the Cocker Spaniel’s extroverted nature and the Poodle’s low-shedding traits, these are known to be jockers among the dogs.

They are affectionate, playful, intelligent, alert, and attentive, a perfect mix of traits from both parents.

Apart from that, they have an entertainment talent, making them famous as clown dogs. With their easy-going nature, they make an excellent companion.

The majority of them are calm and amiable canines. These dogs are usually quite sociable and like being around other people. They despise being alone and might develop separation anxiety.

Cockapoos get along well with other canines’ temperaments because of their accepting and adapting nature. Because of the latter, they are also quick to make friends with strangers, so they may not be the finest guard dogs.

Because of their brilliance, these dogs enjoy playing games and engaging in other mental pursuits.

They adore spending time with family and friends, so they’ll welcome you at the door, trail behind you, and snuggle up next to you as soon as you sit down. Because of their ability to put people at ease, they’ve even been known to make good therapy dogs. 

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What Health Problems Do Cockapoos Face? 

What Health Problems Do Cockapoos Face?
Find a reliable breeder who will show you health clearances for your dog’s parents.

This bundle of a joy dog breed has a lifespan of 12-15 years. These dogs are generally a healthy breed but said that they might develop health issues inherited from their parent breeds, Poodle and cocker spaniel. 

Before buying the pup, Find a reliable breeder who will show you health clearances for your dog’s parents. Health clearances demonstrate that a dog has been checked for and cleared of a specific disease.

Some of the Most Common Health Issues That Can Be Seen Are:
  •  Luxating Patella

The dislocation of the kneecaps in Cockapoos might cause movement problems. A luxating patella is a medical term for this ailment. Limping and the inability to maintain a regular posture are two indicators that pet owners may detect early.

  • Hip Dysplasia

When the hip joints do not develop properly as the puppy grows, your pup might feel difficulty and pain in normal moments. This condition is called hip dysplasia and is a common concern for poodles and cocker spaniels. The standard warning indicators to look out for include pain, limping, stiffness, or a refusal to go for walks.

  • Ear Infections

Ear infections are another prevalent health concern. This hybrid acquired beautiful long ears from their Cocker Spaniel, which are cute but can get stinky and infected. These are frequently caused by germs or ear mites entering the ear and reproducing, creating various issues for our canine companions.

  • Cataracts

Cataracts are another eyesight impairment that this dog may have due to passing on traits. Cataracts cause unique cloudiness in the eye that worsens over time, causing vision to become less and less clear until it is entirely gone.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a disorder in which the cells that make up the retina deteriorate, resulting in vision loss. This is a genetic condition that regrettably affects Cocker Spaniels.

  • Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a prevalent health problem. This occurs due to fluid collecting in the eye and being unable to drain due to a blockage. If left untreated, the retina and optic nerve can be destroyed, eventually leading to blindness. 


With effort and proper care, you can always provide your dog with a comfortable and healthy life.

  • Exercise

Exercise keeps the dog physically safe, but it also keeps him mentally safe. When a dog is bored or lonely due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation, it is more prone to be naughty and aggressive against your personal belongings. These dogs can meet their energy needs by playing games at home or just jumping from person to person, and they still require a daily walk and your attention. 

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  • Nutrition

A healthy diet full of nutrition is essential for the growth and development of your dog. The food you provide them depends upon the size of your dog. It’s crucial to get him on the right track early if you want your puppy to live a happy, productive, and stable life. Small puppies require a scoop of high-quality dry food or moistened high-nutrition dog food. These little dogs can develop sensitivities and sometimes become picky eaters. Extra care with guidance from a veterinarian is essential in planning their diet. 

  • Attention

Because of their brilliant, accepting, affectional traits and their constant need to be with family, Cockapoo can develop separation anxiety. The little pooch loves to give attention and be a good companion. It is natural for them to seek that attention in return, adding that they are among the very intelligent breeds. 

  • Daily analysis

 Due to their thick coat, these pooches require daily assessments to check out for ear infections and any creature leeching to them. You can look out for any rash, or redness on their skin and examine their mouth for any signs. 

This dog is fragile and prone to get injured easily; to avoid that, one must be careful during training and playing. 

  • Scheduled appointments

Never forget to take your pup for regular check-ups and record his immunization. Look out for any early signs of irregularities and never back up from taking him to your local veterinarian. 

How Much Grooming Will a Cockapoo Need?

How Much Grooming Will a Cockapoo Need?

From an early age, try to make your pup accustomed to grooming. Make grooming a pleasurable experience for him, with praise and prizes, and you’ll be setting the stage for smooth sessions in the near future. These dogs need regular grooming, so it can be easily stated that they are high on maintenance. 

The Most Important Grooming Actions Include
  • Brushing the coat regularly to avoid any knots and matting of the fur, especially on the belly and legs. Baths are only required when it is indispensable. 
  • Clipping the toenails routinely is important as long-grown nails can be uncomfortable for your pooch, causing protrusions. 
  • The hair may cover the eyes; therefore, trimming them around the eyes and mouth is crucial. 
  •  Starting from an early age, especially in teacup and toy versions of Cockapoo, brushing is essential as small breeds tend to get bad dental health. Brushing teeth at least once a week helps avoid tartar buildup, gum disease, and foul breath.
  • Cleaning the ears is a prime need in the case of this designer breed, as they are prone to ear infections. Their floppy ears easily get an infection in the ear canals.


Cockapoo Training
It’s critical to prepare them for being left alone to keep them mentally healthy and happy.

As Cockapoo are very sociable and people pleasers by nature, training them is straightforward. To add to their list of qualities, they are knowledgeable, advantageous, clever, and active, making it a more fun experience. They obey directions a little more straightforwardly than other breeds.

It’s critical to prepare them for being left alone to keep them mentally healthy and happy. Start crate training early on to reduce separation anxiety, and practice leaving your dog alone for only a few minutes at first, gradually increasing the duration.

Crate training for Cockapoo is crucial as they get stressed when left alone. 

Because of their easy trainability, the hybrid is often seen active in dog events and competitions charming everyone around them. 

Is Cockapoo a Family Dog?

Is Cockapoo a Family Dog?
Training from an early age makes sure they unleash their best behavior and potential. 

Cockapoo makes excellent family dogs; however, they need constant affirmation to suppress their anxiety. They also need time to form a healthy bond, trust, and love. 

Training from an early age makes sure they unleash their best behavior and potential. 

Though the breed is affectionate and lively, supervision is needed when they are with young children. 

Kids at home should be taught how to approach them gently and never engage with them when they are eating or sleeping, as they tend to get irritated. 

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
Baths can damage their natural oil, so they require a bath only when necessary. 

One of the first designer dog breeds to exist.

Cockapoos are accepting of everyone

Baths can damage their natural oil, so they require a bath only when necessary. Cockapoos are the friendliest dogs you’ll find when in full potential.

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