4 Things You Must be Missing Out on While Choosing the Perfect Dog Breed for You

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If you decide to bring a new dog breed to your home, you should understand that it’s a major decision.

You should be ready for a dog and should also consider the cost of pet parenthood. Remember that owning a dog needs a firm commitment.

If you have considered all these things and are firm on your decision, the next question to think about is which one of the best dog breeds will be perfect for you.

You have to consider so many factors while deciding to own a dog, such as your family, lifestyle, children, allergies, people who can bear only low-shedding dog breeds, and also, the dog’s age, size, and activity level. Think upon the following points while choosing a perfect dog for you.

1. Dog Size

There are high chances that when you plan to have a dog, you have also decided to choose either a small dog breed like a tiny lap dog or a medium-sized dog or a giant-sized dog.

If you haven’t yet decided on the size or are not able to decide, a medium-sized dog breed may be a good option.

Group of dogs

Note that certain small dog breeds are very delicate and vulnerable. Since they are so small, they may be stepped on. And even mishandling them can cause severe injury.

Also, small dogs may be relatively more sensitive to colder temperatures; so, you should be prepared to help keep them warm.

Another thing you should be prepared for is that small dogs may often develop “tough dog” attitudes, perhaps as compensation for their tiny size. Such dogs will need obedience training.

In the case of large dogs, you have to provide them with enough space to move around. There is something called “wagging space” needed by big, happy dogs having a long, whip-like tail to avoid injury to the tail or damage to household items.

Expense is certainly an important factor to consider. The larger the size of the dog, the higher his expense is for things like food, medications and medical treatments and other supplies.

2. Energy Level

You might know that some dogs are more energetic than others. Often the energy level is determined by dog breed, but it’s not always the deciding factor.

Dogs need regular exercise, irrespective of size or breed. So, you should provide it. If you cannot provide more than one or two walks every day, you should perhaps choose a less active dog breed, like a Basset Hound.

But if you want a high-energy dog that can accompany you in jogging, running and other exercises and plays, consider a high-energy dog breed like a Border Collie.


Be prepared to adjust to the level of exercise and attention you have to give to your dog. If your dog is continuously barking, destroying your belongings, digging up your yard or acting weird, most probably she needs extra activities.

Excess energy is the root cause of several behavioural problems. Sadly, dog parents often give up their dogs or euthanize them due to behavioural problems, which can be avoided with the right amount of attention and exercise.

3. Dog Breed

A cute French bulldog winking

Some people are keener to get a particular dog breed for different reasons. They might have spent plenty of time with that breed in their life or they were perhaps raised around that breed.

Or they may love the way that dog breed looks and acts. Or they may think that the breed is just right for them from what they have heard or read about that breed.

If you seek a purebred dog, make sure to research well. Find out more about the breed’s temperament, health problems, grooming needs, and other things so as to decide whether you can take up the challenges associated with that breed.

Also, make sure the breed will fit perfectly in your family, including other pets.

On the other hand, mixed-breed dogs can also be a great option for you. They are a combination of two or more breeds due to which their physical characteristics and personalities are often balanced.


How your puppy will look when grows up cannot be predicted, and neither is the health problems. As per several experts, mixed breed dogs are tougher than purebred dogs regarding health problems. In general, mixed-breed dogs are intelligent and good-natured.

4. Physical Maintenance

All types of dogs need basic grooming. However, certain dog breeds need more than that due to their type of coat.

If your dog has hair that continuously grows, you’ll need advanced routine grooming. Most smooth-coated, short-haired dogs are huge shedders, so, you have to be ready to do some additional cleanup.


Dogs with long ears tend to have ear infections and need frequent ear cleaning. Certain other types of dogs may do a great amount of drooling. So, you’ve to carry a “slobber cloth” to wipe the drool.

Hopefully, you can now choose a perfect dog for you with these tips.

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