This is Why Your Dog is Depressed

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Is your dog acting weirdly suddenly? Or is your dog refusing to play with you, even when you give them unrestricted access to their favourite toys? If this is the case, then it is a high chance that you have a depressed dog.
First and foremost, one of the usual causes of dog depression is that they do not feel enough tender loving care from you. There are other silent signs too that you might not be too aware of. So, here are the top 10 silent signs that your dog is depressed.

Sudden aggressiveness

Dogs that are suffering from depression might start to show sudden signs of aggressiveness. Of course, if your dog is always aggressive, then it shouldn’t be worrying. The only worrying sign is a normally docile dog suddenly snaps at you. That you should worry about.

Loss of appetite

white-and-black-english-bulldogAll dogs like to eat, and if the dog is showing signs of not wanting to eat, then it can be a sign that they are showing signs of being a depressed dog.Of course, depression isn’t the sole cause of the lack of appetite. It can be a sign of some medical problem that warrants a visit to the vet.

Tearing up the house

More often than not, a sad dog might tear up the house and be completely destructive. If you come home only to see shredded papers or torn furniture, then it is a sign of depression in the dog.

No interest in playing

black and white dogA depressed dog will be totally disinterested in playing even with their favourite toys. But that does not mean you should stop playing with them. In fact, if your depressed dog refuses to play with the toys, you should try and slowly bring them back to their usual self by attempting to play with them.

Sleeping more often

One of the most obvious depression symptoms is when your dog is starting to sleep more often than usual. When coupled with their lack of interest in playing as well as the loss of appetite, it is a clear sign that your dog is sad.Sleeping dogIf this is the case, you should try to be with them more often than usual, as sometimes it can be as simple as spending quality time with them that will solve all problems.

Not adhering to toilet-trained rules

If your dog has been properly toilet trained, and yet they started to pee and poop randomly around the house, then you will need to wonder if there is anything that you have done recently to make the dog sad.funny-poopIt can range from removing or washing their favourite toy, or there can be a new addition to the family, and hence the dog feels sad because they feel that they are not in the centre of attraction. Hence, in order for them to get the necessary attention, they will start to flout all the rules that you have set in the family.

Ignoring you

If your dog is obedient and responds to you normally, it will be worrying if the dogs start to ignore you. This is akin to a child ignoring the parents when they are feeling sad or depressed.

Increased licking

dog-pet-lickWhile it is common for cats to constantly lick at themselves to clean themselves up, it is actually worrying for dogs to do the same. This is because when dogs do this, it is a sign that they are trying to soothe, or calm themselves down. Indeed, if the dog has anxiety issues, they will lick constantly at themselves.

Increased time spent in the dog crate

short-coated tan and white dogDog crates are meant to be a place whereby the dog can seek solace in whenever they feel sad. Hence, if your dog is spending too much time in the dog crate, then it is a clear sign that they are depressed, and it warrants rectification from you.This is actually simple, as all you need to do is to cajole your dog and let them know that you still love them!


There are times whereby your dog might hide underneath the sofa, or the bed or even dig away the clothes and sit in the closet. This is one of the surest signs that the dog is depressed. This might occur when you have left the house, and the dog’s separation anxiety sets in.

What can you do if the dog is depressed?

If your dog is showing signs of depression symptoms, then what are the things that you can do? First and foremost, one of the usual causes of dog depression is that they do not feel enough tender loving care from you.The Happy DoggoIn short, the dog needs attention, and if they are being devoid of attention, they will start to feel depressed. This can range from you scolding them excessively, or when there is a new addition to the family.In the event that the symptoms still persist even after you show them enough care, then a trip to the vet will be warranted.
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