10 dog movie dogs that you should watch in 2022

10 Movie Star Dogs – Barking some theatrics

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A man’s best friend can also do some acting jobs. In this article, we would look at some of those canine characters that tickled us, scared the crap out of us, or left us teary-eyed which they do almost every time. In this blog, we inform you about 10 movie star dogs – barking some theatrics.

These barking hounds made their cinematic impression in a very memorable way and that too, without making a mess out on the carpet. Starting with our number 10 –

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10. Sam – I am legend (2007)

I Am Legend, movie poster. Source: IMBD

As the whole family attempts to rescue the survivors from New York City ravaged by a deadly virus, the held breath is let out because the dog survives. Sam plays the beloved family dog, who sticks by Will Smith and becomes his raison d’etre. Of Course, we were all left teary-eyed when some infected dogs bit Sam. No hate on them; they had a part to play too.

  • So, who really played Sam?
  • Abbey, the German, was 3 years old at the time.
  • Living with her trainer, Steve Berens, Abbey is enjoying retirement with Steve’s daughter and her own kids.
  • Abbey was trained in 3 months for the camera despite having no training foundation.
  • A fast learner
  • Along with I am Legend, Abbey went on to work in many movies.

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9. Cujo – Cujo (1983)

Cujo, released in 1983. The movie was about a mother and her son saving themselves from a rabid St. Bernard. Source: themoviewaffler.com
  • It seems like everything was deadly in the 80s, and dogs were no exception. After being bitten by a rabid bat, this once human-loving sweetheart goes on a human-killing spree. 
  • The cutest part was that despite the terrible role being imposed on them, the dogs looked anything but scary in real life, with the filmmakers having to tie down their tails to stop them from wagging happily.

So, who really played Cujo the first?

  • Cujo the first, suffered an untimely death due to an infection post production.
  • Cujo would bark at the camera on command and learnt to run on predetermined tracks.
    Wondering if the Bernard really rammed his head into the car? Don’t worry. It was a man in a dog suit.

8. Hooch – Turner and Hooch (1989)

Turner and Hooch is a comedy movie on an American cop and a dog who is a murder witness in a case. Source: Rotten Tomatoes
  • Speaking of crime solving canines, Hooch is actually a murder witness. Yes, nobody cares for a dog to be a crime witness. Hooch disproves carelessness. Though, the sloppy, slobbery, messy Hooch starts to grow on Turner and on us. The huge fur ball makes you fall in love with him even if he drools all over you.

    So, who really played Hooch?
    Beasley, our Hooch, a Dogue de Bordeaux, was born in 1978 in Wisconsin.
    Beasley,17 month old at the time, had only 5 month stop repare and performed spectacularly.
    The pup would not drink beer for the scene however much requested.
    Beasley lived a good life and died in 1992.

7. Baxter – Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Achorman. The legend of Ron Burgundy made 28.4 million dollars in its opening weekend in 2004
  • Bax is tiny, he speaks Spanish (you read correct), and he has a way with humans and the animal kingdom. Besides, how many dogs do you know who can eat an entire wheel of cheese? Baxter has extraordinary talents that not only help him survive the wild but also save his humans from wild attacks.

So, who really plated Baxter?

Quince, who played Bax, is a Border Terrier.

Quince is new to the business and it is his first real movie.
He was rescued from a supermarket parking lot and had hardly done

anything before other than walk on a leash.

Besides being extremely amiable, quince drinks out of straws, wears

hats and saves the day at the end, in the real world too. 

6. Bailey – A dog’s purpose (2017)

This dog movie – A Dog’s Purpose earned $205 million all over the world, against the production budget of $22 million.
  • Whenever life got down for Ethan, Bailey was there for him. From playing ball to helping him pick out girls, Bailey wins our hearts over. Bailey shows A dog’s purpose and intelligently shows reincarnation. All in all, a beautiful character.

    So, who played Bailey?

    ●  Odin, the Golden Retriever, played Bailey.
    ●  Odin is a playful pup with expressive eyes, shiny coat and a charming

    personality that every actor needs.

    ●  Bonnie, the director, found Odin very eager to please.
    ●  Odin, being a big boy, over 100 pounds, could only stay behind

    because of his size, not his abilities. 

5. Max – Max (2015)

This Dog movie is on a traumatic military dog, who got adopted by his late handler Kyle’s family, the shocking story behind the latter’s death begins to unravel.
  • Max, the bravest, didn’t hesitate in saving the lives of the ones he loved. He even saved the father of the boy he loved even when the father did not love him. Family, duty, honor, and love personify Max.
  • So, who played Max?
  • Max, played by a three year old Carlos, was found on a Kentucky farm.
  •   Stood out with his unique light face marking sand true charisma with temperament issues.
  • Maxis Carlos on screen. Many real life moments are portrayed on screen.
  • Max showed genuinee motion in the scene of the fire works display when he cower in his cage dramatically.

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4. Beethoven (1992)

Beethoven dog movie was release in 1992 and much more sequels of it.
  • It is a cute puppy slobbering through life, escaping various nefarious events, and coming up as an adorable being even for the father of the family who isn’t fond of him. We all loved Beethoven.

    So, who played Beethoven?
    It is played by Chris.
    Playing in dozens of films, the canine leaves the same impression like the musician Beethoven did.
    The calm, patient, sweet and never injuring pup, died at a young age of 12

3. Rin Tin Tin – Where the North begins (1923)

It was a silent drama movie which was also the third movie starring a German Shepherd dog in it.
  • Rin Tin Tin, adopted by a Canadian wolf pack, goes through a series of heart-wrenching accusations and comes clear at the end, letting us let out a held breath.

    So, who played Rin Tin Tin?

    ●  Rin Tin Tin, the male German, was born in France in 1918.
    ●  Even in the days of no social media and internet, this pup wonan

    unprecedented fame, working in a huge amount of movies.
    ●  With his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, the canine started

    acting accidentally.
  • Lived a ripe 14 year life

2. Bella – A dog’s way home (2019)

A Dog’s way home – Dog movie is a story on a dog’s journey covering around 400-miles across Colorado to reunit with her beloved owner.

Lucas’ beloved dog Bella wins all hearts with her quest to get back to her master. This harmless darling makes everybody a part of her journey and leaves us happy.So, who played Bella?
Shelby, the pitbull, played Bella.

Discovered in Tennessee, searching for food at a land fill.
The skinny and malnourished Shelby always has as mile on,heart visible through her eyes and mischief as well.
Ended up becoming a therapy dog in an autistic hospital with love for everyone who is devoid of it.

1. Hachiko – Hachi: A dog’s tale (2009)

Hachiko dog movie is a heart wrenching movie of a professor who finds an abandoned puppy and takes him home. With time, they form an unbreakable bond that makes the dog wait for his owner till his last breath. Source: Hachi: A dog’s Tale

How can Hachi possibly miss the list? The Akita Inu dog wins our hearts and leaves us teary-eyed, not for one day but for many days afterward. The loyalty and love of this sweet little animal win us over for a lifetime. And when we come to know it is a real-life story, the pain gets real.

  • So, who really played Hachiko?
  • Forrest, who played Hachiko, was a five year old at the time.
  • Its in real life matches that of Hachi, following his owner everywhere.
  • The dog liked every bit of attention he got.
  • Appeared in Animal Planet’s episode and appeared in TV commercials.
  • Forrest laid down his life and departed to dog’s heaven in 2017.

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