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10 Pet care apps to make your parenting journey easy

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Adopting a pet is a callous decision, but only a few of us can turn our face from the craving for a pet’s love. Tough why? Because it demands constant attention and genuine care. Moreover, we are afraid we would not be good pet parents as we lack the expertise. Life has been made very easy by that rectangular slab in your hand (phone reference). Can it help you sort out your pet care? Let that breath go. It’s a yes! Pet care apps are the answer. 

What do Pet Care Apps do?

Pet care apps are the talk of the town. The apps available on Android and IOS are making minds blow, and the faces glow of the pet parents. You won’t believe what all these apps can do for you. They can help you in all the spheres of pet keeping ranging from pet care to training and finding pet food to even finding your lost pet for you. 

Finding your lost pet! Yes!

Here is a list of the 10 most popular and most useful apps on the Google Play and IOS app store. This list is sure to help you with your pets’ comprehensive care and growth. At the end is a list of what you should look for in a pet care app. Check that out before if you don’t know that already. Let’s start without further ado. 

10 pet care apps

1. Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Our top recommendation and the champion of the list, inarguably, would be the Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker app. With a 4.7 rating on google play store, this app is surely a complete package of all a dog parent may require in a Petcare app. The mindblowing features and heartwarming design make it simply the best Pet Care app on the play store.

What does monkoodog petcare app do?

This app provides you with expert assistance in taking care of your pets in a step by step easy way. It is an up-to-date package of complete pet information. Ranging from pet profiling to grooming, training, vaccination information, deworming, dog walking, and much more, this app makes your connection with your dog so deep and genuine. You can become aware of the most important aspects of your pooch’s life. Let us discuss our champion of the list in detail.

Monkoodog PetCare Assistant provides broadly three types of services :

  1. Pet care 
  2. Complete pet information
  3. Pet-related recommendations 
Monkoodog PetCare Assistant

Pet care

Monkoodog Petcare Assistant and Puppy growth tracker comes with features essential for petcare. It helps you find playmates for your pooch with its’ locating playmate’ feature. You can make a profile for your pet on this app. It keeps a schedule of your pet’s vet appointments, deworming, health checkups, vaccination, and medication.

The puppy growth calculator is one of the most popular features of this app. Also, it entails features of multiple other apps, including finding a pet sitter or caretaker for your pet. Pet care is done if you have this app on your phone. 

Complete pet information

This app acts as a social media for dog lovers. With the feature of blogs, news, and events, it brings information about dogs to dog lovers worldwide.

This app enlightens you about the dog world with exciting and informative blogs. The news section brings entertaining and heartwarming dog news from over the globe. The events section informs you about dog events worldwide. 

The whole informational section helps you make the right choices for your canine and makes your life very easy.

Pet-related recommendations

If it is an issue for you that you are often confused about what is good for your pet or when it should be taken to a vet, the recommendations section in this app never lets you feel alone. 

It recommends you on issues ranging from vet appointments to deworming and vaccinations. It will help you find and recommend the best pet clinics to you. 

If you worry about missing out on the appointments and the informative blogs, the app’s notification feature never lets you forget anything. 

This app is a combination of ten apps in one. It is given the first number on the list because it renders it useless to have any other pet care app on the phone if it is there. To sum up –

Features of the app

  1. Pet profile creation and growth tracking
  2. Pet weight calculator
  3. Information Blogs about dogs and dog-related news
  4. Dog events worldwide
  5. Recommendations for canines; tell you what’s best for your pet
  6. Pet grooming and training assistance
  7. Expert advice
  8. It helps you find a dog sitter, walker, and playmates for your pet
  9. Information of pet cremation services for the worst situations
  10. Timely notifications so that you do not miss out on anything
  11. Rated 4.7 on Play Store

2. Rover

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

The most talked-about problem with the pet owners when they go out is ‘Where do I leave my pet?’. Rover is tailor-made for these situations only. Rover is like a blessing for pet parents when they need a sitter for their pets. Also, it is a blessing for those who want to sit with pets in their free time. Not only pet sitting, but you can also access this app if you want someone to walk your pet.

With a boastful number of hundreds of thousands of downloads, this app is making life easy for pet owners and freelancers and is luring people to adopt pets. What stops them from having an all-time companion when their biggest problem is solved?

Features of the app

  • You can find dog sitters in your area to sit and walk your pet
  • With their star system, you can find the best and most recommended sitters for your pet
  • There is a chatroom available so that you can talk to the sitter as much as you want 
  • You can share pet pictures
  • Has a GPS tracker to track your dog’s walk
  • A very easy to use the app and highly secure for payments 

3. Chewy

Chewy app
Picture Source: Chewy

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

How can we talk about pet apps and not talk about apps for pet food? We are born to eat, no? It is an issue with pet parents to find food for their pets. Human food can be found anywhere and everywhere, but when it comes to pet food and when you own a unique pet, finding food can be a monthly struggle for you. It is for times like this that Chewy comes into the picture.

Chewy holds its place as the most preferable pet food app. With foods available from over a thousand brands and features of auto shipment, this app is really attractive and a must-have. It offers you attractive discounts that are a cherry on the cake. 

Features of the app

  • Foods from over a thousand brands
  • Toys, medicines, and many other pet supplies are available 
  • Provides an auto-shipping feature
  • It gives you a discount if you auto-ship food from this app
  • Free shipping on many items
  • Universal free shipping for items over fifty dollars 
  • Concise and clearly defined, easy to use the app
  • It saves you a fortune

4. Whistle

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

The nightmare for every pet parent is separating from their beloved furball (or a non-furball if that is what your pet looks like). Many of us jump out of bed at night to take a quick look at our pets. Half of the time, we are sure they have run away somewhere and got lost in the wilderness. We fear we will never see them again. Whistle helps you sleep peacefully at night if that is what your issue is.

Whistle is a pet finder app that helps you find your pet or track its activity. In cities where every street looks the same and traffic smells cover the tracks, your dog can sometimes not find their way home. That is when you Whistle.

Features of the app

  • A tag goes on the collar that tracks the movement and activity of the pooch.
  • It lets you make a pet profile with your dog’s age, breed, and size.
  • You can set activity goals for your dog, and it gives your pet activity achievement badges for the completion of set goals.
  • Gently warns you when your dog gets too lazy or sedentary.
  • Glow in the dark light available on the tag when your pet plays hide and seek in the dark with you
  • Health tracker that warns when the pet is scratching or licking their selves too much
  • Can measure the pet’s body temperature and pulse too

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5.  11pets

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

If you are used to forgetting your pet schedules, this app provides a simple reminder for you. This is a great Android and IOS Petcare app that brings your pet to your fingertips. This app comes in as a blessing for parents who own more than one pet. 

It stores all the pets’ information and creates different profiles for them. It will set reminders about different things for your different pets like doctor’s appointments, vaccination, grooming, food, and every other thing you need to develop a reminder for. This app comes in handy for every institution of pet owners, whether an individual pet owner or a pet care institution. Let’s check out the specific features of this app.

Features of the app

  • Automatic reminders
  • Multi pet friendly
  • Daily care including health checkups, vet appointments, and medicines
  • Stores complete medical records of your pet. No need to search papers every time you go to the vet.
  • Follow up of medical incidents
  • Photo galleries


ASPCA is a multi pet-friendly Android and IOS Petcare app. Historical research on the human body and our experiments on ourselves makes it easy to choose healthy food for us. For pets, consider this app an Ayurveda treatise. It helps you know what is good and bad for your pet, ingestion-wise. 

It is a must-have app if you have a pet that fits this app’s category. This app is helpful for pet parents who have dogs, horses, cats, or birds. This app has a database of things that are a big no for your pets. Let’s check out the features.

Features of the app

  • Information of plants, foods, medicines, and hazards toxic to animals
  • It gives a scale of how poisonous something is for your pet
  • Have it in addition to any other dog care app
  • A handy manual to a pet’s diet
  • It helps avoid feeding anything harmful to your pet

7. Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training app
Picture source: Dog clicker training

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Most of us want to have our way while training our pets. That’s fine. But, do our ways mostly work? Dog training is tiring, and most of us do not even know where to start. This app called Dog Clicker Training comes in handy for situations like that.

Dog Clicker training is a marvelous and widely loved pet training app. It is a must-have Petcare app for pet parents. This app comes with three different clickers inbuilt in the app. It negates the need for a separate Dog Clicker. With all the information it provides about pet training, the purpose of training, and pointers along the way, you would find the process easier and much more fun. 

Features of the app

  • It comes with three different HD clickers
  • It is a great help in helping you communicate with your pet
  • Most suitable for dogs and cats
  • Pet training tips for users ranging from layman to expert
  • It contains breathtaking graphics and is very easy to use

8. Pet First Aid

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

It is a genuine prayer that you never have to use this app from your phone, but it is a piece of genuine advice, always have this app on your phone if you are a pet owner. Nothing can help you in a situation where you need emergency first aid for your pet like Pet First Aid does. From the American Red Cross, this Petcare app is found on every pet owner’s phone. 

With a simple step-by-step user-friendly guide, you can easily perform first aid for your pet using this app. It guides you through the process in case your pet chokes on something or inhales something or something else. Also, it provides you with the addresses of the nearest pet hospitals and vets or emergency centers in emergency cases.

Features of the app

  • Step by step pet care guide through photos and videos
  • Can set vet appointments 
  • Allows to set up multiple pet profiles
  • Contains Pet videos and fun quizzes.
  • Videos containing vet advice is an important feature of this app
  • It helps you find pet-friendly hotels in any area
  • It does not contain instructions for a wide variety of pets

9. Petcube

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Pets think we give them treats for their happiness. Maybe but it is not the complete truth. Very few of us can deny the pleasure we feel when they take the treat from us and the disappointment when they refuse the treat. That sums up the giving away of treats for our happiness.

always be there!

What happens when you go away for some time and can’t give treats to your pet? Do you miss the after-treat look on their face? To solve this dilemma, Petcube slides in. Petcube is an android Petcare app that also employs physical cameras for you to watch over your pet. It has a button on it that helps you deploy treats to your pet from a physical treat dispenser.

You can talk to your pet over the microphone and see them. You can give them treats through the treat dispenser with just a click even when you are away. Petcube comes as a pet sitter without you having to pay for it. 

Features of the app

  • Treat dispenser for giving treats to your pet
  • Primary camera to watch over your pet
  • It has a microphone so that your pet can hear your voice and you can soothe them from far away
  • It doesn’t let you feel the distance; neither to your dog
  • A must-have for every pet parent 

10. Dog Scanner

Dog Scanner app
Picture Source: Dog Scanner

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Want to have some information along with some fun? Dog Scanner can turn out to be the favorite app of all dog lovers. If you are a victim of dog lovers and have so little knowledge of different dog breeds, this app is divinely constituted to get you out of your ignorance.

Dog Scanner lets you scan any dog or even upload a photo on it. It will tell you the breed of the dog and all the descriptions, specifications, and specializations of the breed. If the dog is a mix, it will break it down into all the breeds it constitutes. 

If your homies are fond of bringing stray dogs home and you are so out of ideas what the breed is, upload the picture on the dog scanner, and it will tell you about your dog, all that you never even imagined knowing.

Features of the app

  • Describes the dog breed; even the mixture of breeds
  • More than 350 dog breeds’ description
  • A social network of dog lovers where you can upload the photo to share with other dog lovers
  • Rewards for more scanning
  • It lets you guess and identify breeds so that you can self analyze your expertise
  • All-round information, including the origin and history of the breed
  • Complete information and entertainment package


After a thorough read of the specifications of these apps, it is clear that very few of these apps have overlapping functions. Most of these are stand-alone and unique. Though, you may need different sorts of services for your pet. That leads us to conclude that a combination of these apps, ones you consider most useful, should be downloaded. 

However, some of these apps, like the Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker app, can provide so many services at once that it may replace five or six apps on your phone. So, Of Course, The smart choice would be to choose such an app that helps you manage space and perform many functions in one.

Things to keep in mind while downloading a pet care app

downloading a pet care app-min

With all the apps offering overlapping services available on the app store, it gets confusing for us to choose which to choose and which not to. Therefore, We need to keep a few things in mind while downloading a pet care app. Always download an app that offers all or at least some of these services :

Services Provided-

  1. Pet Profile – An app that offers you a pet profile should always be there on your phone. That helps you in staying aware of your pet.
  1. First Aid – You need to have a first aid app on your phone. Never exercise laxity with it. Bring a pet home and then have a first aid app. Always that way.
  1. Notifying app – You should always have a handy app that gives you notifications and important reminders regarding your pet. That makes sure you never forget the important things.
  1. Information provider – An app that provides you timely information about your pet is a must-have. This keeps you aware and awake.
  1. Health tracker – Always have an app that tracks your pet’s health, like their food consumption habits or weight and growth. This keeps your puppy healthy in the long run.
  1. Search app – Have an app that searches pet things for you. Be it a sitter or a playmate, pet-friendly hotels, or a day boarding, such apps spare you the untimely unpreparedness and always help in the hours of need.
  1. Shopping – You know it already. Whether it is about shopping food for your pet or accessories, a shopping app is always going to cut down on time loss and also save you some money.
  1. Pet training – Even if not military trained, your pet at least needs to know where to pee and poop. A pet training app helps you teach your pet the basic pet discipline. 

Check out the list of the apps above and download the best pet care app that encompasses most of these features. Pet care apps are the best things you can have on your phones. Never go lax with it. Happy Pet keeping! 

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