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Everything To Know About Teacup Yorkshires

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Teacup Yorkshire (Terriers) are the most adorable dogs in the world. They are not the true Yorkshires as they are too small to fit in that category. However, they are still a part of this category. People call them teacup Yorkshires because they are so small that they would fit into a teacup. They are very popular as companion dogs alluding to their easy-to-carry size.

History Of Terrier Breed

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was originally named as ‘Broken Haired Scotch Terrier’ in 1861.

A group of workers who had come from Scotland in search of work found them in Yorkshire in the mid-nineteenth century . These workers had several different breeds of Scotch Terriers. They used them to give birth to these Yorkshires. It is popular knowledge that breeders bred Paisley Terrier and Maltese to form Yorkshires as many of their very significant features can be seen in Yorkshires.


Yorkshire Terrier  weighs around 6-7 pounds and owns a very feisty demeanour.

Yorkshire Terriers normally weigh 7 pounds but compared to them, Teacups weigh merely 2-3 pounds making them really small pets. 

Carrying a “particularly erect” demeanour, the perfect Yorkshire Terrier is defined as having an air of importance. Despite their feisty demeanour, Yorkshire Terriers are not violent. They have a bad case of separation anxiety which is why people tend to buy two or more dogs in case they are going to be absent for longer durations

Teacup Yorkshires are known to be very territorial and if not properly trained would not be able to socialise much on later in their lives. 

They need to be taken out enough in their puppy stages to make them comfortable with an environment other than home, but this also has to be done with great consideration as they are susceptible to injuries and trampling by other pets or even humans.

Terriers’ Temperament

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is a very bold, courageous, and confident smallest dog breed.

Getting a Yorkshire Terrier to respond to commands is a piece of cake. This is because they were designed from birth to be self-sufficient. A lot of them are motivated by food or praise, which is why they are so brilliant and quick to learn. 

Because they were intended to be working dogs, they need a great deal of: 

  • Mental exercise
  • Physical exercise, including lengthy walks or runs, and
  • Regular training sessions. 

Yorkies, according to many, are calm and cuddly. They’re known for their enthusiastic demeanour. 

Although each dog is unique, the breeder should be able to inform you about their particular breed’s needs and temperaments. 

It’s simple to travel with Yorkies, and they may fit into a variety of lifestyles. Yorkies are versatile. Their small height means they need to do less physical exercise, yet they still need to interact with other people on a regular basis. They thrive off of the love and care they get from loved ones. In most cases, dogs are more comfortable when they are near their owners.

Fun Fact

Teacup Yorkshires are well-known for their habit of yawning often. Since this is the case, they make excellent watchdogs, since they’ll bark if someone approaches. With proper training and exercise, a dog’s barking problem may be resolved, although this is not always the case.

Grooming Regime Of Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Teacup Yorkies develop a full body coat which doesn’t require shav, but trimming, to maintain even length.
  • ombing: To groom these dogs, it doesn’t take long since they don’t have a lot of hair. You may go longer between baths by using a brush to remove dirt and debris from the dog’s coat, but make sure to brush their hair everyday to remove tangles. 
  • Trim Yorkies’ Ear & Paws: If the coat is kept short, grooming time may be minimised. Even if you don’t cut your dog’s hair, it’s still necessary to trim their ears and paws. As a result, infections in the dog’s ears are minimised, and overall health is protected. Every time the dog is washed, it is necessary to re-adjust its wrap, as well as to re-apply the dog’s oil. 
  • Nail Trimming & Oral Health: Just like any other breed, your dog’s nails and teeth should be trimmed and cleaned regularly. When it comes to oral health, these dogs need additional attention because of their tendency to tooth disease.

Terriers’ Health

Yorkshire Terriers have a sensitive digestive system which results quickly in vomiting, or diarrhea on eating food outside of their diet.

Teacup Yorkshires are infamous for the various hereditary diseases that have been passed on to them along the way. I will be listing some of the diseases below –

1. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia means having a low blood sugar level which is most commonly caused by going for longer durations without eating anything. This condition is more common in puppies in the first few months and rarely is continued till adulthood. 

Hypoglycemia is more common in Teacup Yorkshire because of the smaller amount of muscular mass.  Other causes of low blood sugar include: 

  • Bacterial Illness, 
  • Parasite infestation, and 
  • Portosystemic liver shunt.  

Due to its need for sugar, Hypoglycemia may cause the puppy to become tired, shaken, and uncoordinated. In addition, the puppy may not eat until it is forced to do so. Severe instances may result in death.

Immediate action is required for the prolonged life of your Yorkie. Brush your Yorkie’s gums with a sugar syrup (nothing containing xylitol) like honey or similar. Ideally, your Yorkie will react to the sugar in a timely manner. Take your Yorkie to the vet when he or she has stabilised. They’ll probably do a few tests, one of which is a blood glucose test.

Veterinarians can help you select the best course of action for your dog. Switching to a protein-rich puppy diet and feeding three times a day is the most probable course of action.

2. Periodontal Diseases

Yorkies need  their teeth to be regularly brushed and occasionally scraped to avoid the buildup of tartar.

Periodontal disease is a type of dental disease that Teacup Yorkshire or more generally all Yorkshire terriers are prone to. Due to their small jaws, their teeth often become overcrowded which gives birth to plaque which is the main cause of decay to teeth. If not taken care of it may cause damage to all other organs of their body as well.

– The symptoms include: 

  • A condition known as halitosis (bad breath)
  • The inability to feed or grasp a toy with one’s mouth.
  • Approaching someone’s face with aggression
  • Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue.
  • Teeth extraction

For diseases like these, prevention is always better than cure so make sure to brush the teeth of Teacup Yorkshire every day with an annual dental checkup by professionals. Get their teeth properly cleaned professionally twice a year to avoid the formation of tartar. 

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3. Legg Perthes Disease

 An X-ray of a Canine Legg Perthes condition. Source: Semantic Scholar

This is a disease that is common on all tiny breed dogs and is found normally in puppies. This is a hip joint disease. Due to this, the femur bone above the hip joint starts slowly dying. The researchers have not reached a conclusion but it is said to be a genetic problem.


  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Inactivity
  • Severe pain


At times, this might not need any professional help and would heal with time in about 3 months but you should still consult a doctor as it might lead to arthritis when not cured. 

All Teacup Yorkshires are going to react differently, where some might be all better with just rest and medication, some might need entire hip replacement surgery. This can be cured early on, if detected and gotten treated on time.

4. Liver Shunt

These are genetic diseases that are found from birth as it develops when these dogs are still fetuses. This occurs when the fetus’ liver inside the mother’s womb does not shut off properly. With this disease, the liver stops functioning properly thereby hindering all bodily functions.


A blood test can easily detect this. So, make sure you do not ignore any kind of symptoms like vomiting, seizures(in most severe cases), lethargy, reduced growth rate. 

The best cure for this one would be surgery but if your teacup Yorkshire is still in the baby stages and is not displaying any of the severe symptoms then there are other remedies available that are most likely to cure them completely.

5. Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella in Dogs.

Patellar luxation is the second most prevalent condition in dog breeds, behind hip dysplasia. Yorkie kneecaps that don’t fit into their femurs may cause Leg Limping . In most instances, generations pass down the illness. On the other hand, injuries and inadequate diet may also trigger it. 

Smaller Yorkies, in particular, are more susceptible to this problem. It’s quite rare for dogs with this condition to be in pain and even to limp. Bones that rub against each other wear down over time, making the condition worse. Because of their diminutive stature, Teacup Yorkies may have trouble having surgery.

Must Take Precautions For Teacup Yorkshires

giving the right food

The most important thing you can do to ensure the health of your Yorkie is to provide it with a balanced, healthy diet. Consume foods that are rich in nutrients, rather than those that are poor in nutrients, as part of a healthy diet. 

In the long term, you’ll save money on veterinary bills as well as improve your dog’s health by making the investment now. In our review of the best dog food for Yorkies, you’ll find several terrific selections for Yorkie dog food. Consult your veterinarian or a pet nutritionist if you have any concerns about the nutritional content of your Yorkie’s food.

 Introduce new foods gradually to avoid upsetting your dog’s fragile digestive system. You must keep your pet’s treats to a minimum, regardless of how much fun it may be. To avoid overfeeding your Yorkie or exposing him to dangerous chemicals and sugar, seek snacks that are good for Yorkies and created from all-natural ingredients to avoid overfeeding him.

provide a safe environment

Scented candles are not harmful for dogs but air fresheners or plug-ins are as they include ingredients that are irritating and harmful for dogs.

You should be aware of the hazards of household chemicals and smoking if you have a Yorkie with respiratory issues. In your house, avoid using air fresheners, plug-ins, or candles at all. Before you begin utilising essential oils in your home, do some research first. Air purifiers may help with respiratory issues as well.

physical activities

Strolling is a dog’s favourite pastime.. They like using their noses to explore their environment. For both you and your dog, a walk in the park may be a rejuvenating and energising experience. Taking walks helps them stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Instead of attaching the leash to your dog’s collar, use a harness.

But be extra careful with Teacup Yorkshires as due to their smaller frame, their bones are also very fragile and need extra care and attention so that they do not climb extra high places and if they do, they do not try to jump off those surfaces. Also, this goes by without mentioning, but make sure no one steps on your tiny little dog. They are pretty easy to miss.

healthy teacup yorkshire

Teacup Yorkshires are very expensive as puppies. Despite their small frame and so many health issues, people love them as companion dogs. They usually come at as high a price as 2000$, as no one is willing to compromise on such an adorable breed.

The next big challenge is finding a Yorkshire that is healthy, as mentioned above, most of their health problems are either genetic or caused in the very initial stages of their life. 

Veterinary doctors are still in the process of figuring out how to cater to all health requirements of lapdogs. But, the fact is, smaller dogs do have more health problems than other average-sized more common breeds like retrievers or labradors, but nothing is as serious that little care, attention and precautions cannot take care of. 

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are extremely cute that will melt your heart in just one meet.

There is no doubt about the fact that these Teacup Yorkshires are an amalgamation of cute, curious, aggressive as well as active making them a perfect companion. Please make sure that you are ready to devote the time and attention that they require. You will have to create the kind of space for them which would not endanger them to anything that can harm them in any way.

If you are getting yourself Teacup Yorkshire, you are simply buying yourself a package of happiness. So, go ahead and make way for the cute little bundle of joy that Teacup Yorkshires are.

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