What You Should Know About Being a Responsible Dog Owner

What You Should Know About Being a Responsible Dog Owner

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Welcoming a dog into the family is much like welcoming a new child. There is so much to know and sometimes so little time to prepare that we can often overlook some of the most important aspects of pet care. Yes, they are cute and not called “man’s best friend” for nothing. In this blog we inform you about what you should know about being a responsible dog owner.

However, as loyal as they are to you, so should you be loyal to them. But what does that mean, exactly? It means that, as a responsible dog owner, you should understand what it takes to keep them safe and healthy to the best of your ability. They are, now, members of your family and that’s the kind of care they deserve. So, let’s look at that for just a moment.

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Basic Training – An Absolute Must

Basic Training – An Absolute Must

Let’s look at this once again through the analogy of a child. There is a reason why we teach our children basic rules of behaviour. For example, we don’t teach them to hold our hands or look both ways before crossing a street just to be dictatorial!

We teach them for their own safety. If they wander out into oncoming traffic they can get seriously injured, or worse. It is the same with our beloved fur babies.

We teach them basic commands from the first moment they enter our household for their protection. We teach them to “Sit” or “Stay” to keep them out of harm’s way. A dog running wild can be just as easily injured as that child, so start with basic safety commands.

Also, dogs can inadvertently hurt humans by jumping on them which can result in injury to either the dog or the human. Always begin with basic behavior commands to keep them (and people!) safe from being hurt.

Keeping Dogs Healthy

Keeping Dogs Healthy

Before getting into things like diet and exercise, let’s look at what it takes to keep our dogs healthy. They will absolutely need to get vaccinated according to the criteria established by the Royal Veterinary College.

After the initial vaccination, just like humans, they will need boosters at various intervals. These will keep your dog protected against various canine diseases that can be prevented.

Dogs will also need annual “healthy dog” check-ups with your personal veterinary doctor. Sadly, this is something that many otherwise amazing dog owner forego due to finances. Taking your dog to the vet can be expensive, which is why it’s often more affordable to purchase pet insurance.

A good pet insurance comparison can even be broken down by species such as cat insurance, rabbit insurance and dog insurance comparison quotes. Remember, even though they are beloved members of the family, dogs aren’t covered by the NHS, so it’s up to you to provide them with this cover!

A Healthy Diet

Here is another thing many new dog owner aren’t aware of. Did you know a dog’s diet often varies by breed and age? Then there are other contributing factors such as level of activity and even the state of their health.

There are dog diseases and conditions, much like within the human species, that demand specific nutritional requirements. For example, a person suffering from diabetes must regulate their intake of sugar and so it is with dogs suffering from a variety of canine diseases. Always check with your vet to determine the best diet for your dog at this stage in his/her life.

Ample Exercise

Just like humans, dogs require a certain amount of exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Taking your dog out for a daily walk is good, but does your dog require more exercise than that? Do they need to run free to get the heart pumping for what amounts to a canine cardio workout?

There are dog parks in various areas of some of the major cities throughout the UK and lovely parks (usually outside metro areas) where dogs can romp freely.

Do you have a dog park near you? If so, find one that will let your dog run without being leashed because they almost always can run faster, and farther, than humans!


It cannot be emphasized enough just how important it is to socialise your dog from the earliest days of puppyhood. Dogs can be just as fearful of humans as humans are of dogs and even the peskiest of little breeds can yield a nasty bite!

Did you ever wonder just why those little breeds are called ankle biters? They wait until you turn as you won’t be such a danger to them and then nip at your ankles (dogs aren’t stupid either!).

Also, danger notwithstanding, you want your dogs to be accepted into ‘polite society,’ don’t you? If you can socialize your fur baby so that it is not afraid of strangers and will be able to sense real danger when faced with it, it is likely you will be able to take them to many more places than a dog that is fearful of people. Yes, there are cruel people in the world but a dog properly socialized can most often sense the difference.

They’re Family After All!

In the end, think of your new canine fur baby much like any other member of the family. Give them lots and lots of love and attention and you really will have a friend for life. There is no creature on earth more loving and loyal than a dog, so let’s keep it that way!

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