Choosing the Right Pet-Friendly Seating for Your Home

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Pets are an increasingly important member of the family in urban Indian homes, with Media India reporting that there are almost twelve million dogs and one million cats in households. Pet owners are generous with their pets, with many investing in behavioural training, professional grooming, and dog walking services. Décor is another area which is being embraced in a special way by pet lovers, with seating being a particularly essential item of furniture for those who enjoy chilling out with their pet by their side.

Space is Everything

For pet lovers, few seating types are quite as accommodating or comfortable as large L-shaped or modular sofas. Bespoke furniture is one of the hottest trends in design this year, and homeowners are choosing sofas that can seat up to three family members plus their pooch or kitty without any hassle.

Those opting for smaller sofas are investing in luxury dog beds, or sofas that are specially for dogs. The latter boasts features like elegant gold studs, solid wood legs, and reversible seat cushions (which extends the life of your dog’s sofa). Some brands are even designing dog sofas that are built in the same style as the sofa used by humans. The aim is for your dog to feel like he has his special seat that is not very different to your own.

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Choosing Sturdy Fabrics

homeowners who prefer to share seating with their dog are opting for paw and claw resistant furniture made from materials like microfiber, cotton, heathered tweed, or recycled vegan leather.

If you have a kitty that loves to scratch, traditional leather isn’t your best bet, but if you have a dog and you keep his nails trimmed, recycled vegan leather is a good choice because it is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Also check out fabrics like semi-aniline, waxed Italian leather, which is extra-sturdy. A cheap but naturally strong choice is nylon, which doesn’t attract or trap pet hairs and which comes in a vast array of colours. 

Height Matters

If you have senior pets, then it may be difficult for them to jump up on your sofa or chair. You have two choices when it comes to easing the burden of senior pets. You can opt for lower furniture or invest in a small fabric or wooden ramp, which will make your pet’s ascent easier.

If you have large dogs, opt for sofas whose cushions have recycled steel supports. This will keep your sofa even and attractive even after many years of use. Backrests, meanwhile, should contain flexible webbing and materials like foam, so they hold their shape regardless of how many humans and canines occupy your seating.

Accessories Your Dog Will Love

For seating to be truly comfortable, it often requires additional accessories like cushions and blankets. Choose cushions with removable covers and give them a wash at least once or twice a week. When buying throw blankets, opt for synthetics, since they are easier to clean.

Faux fur, machine-washable cotton and wool, and acrylic or polyester blankets are good choices. Check if the designs you are considering are machine-washer and dryer-friendly though if you have a pet that hardly sheds or scratches furniture, then a dry-clean-only blanket may still be usable.

If you are like the average homeowner, then you probably consider your dog or cat just another member of the family. In addition to opting for tough fabrics, you should also choose ample, low-lying furniture that your pet can access as easily as you can.

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