Oldest Dog Breeds The Untouched Ancients.

Oldest Dog Breeds: The Untouched Ancients.

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Dogs have been man’s closest friend for thousands of years, and some of today’s breeds have remained essentially untouched from ancient times. Some physical qualities and psychological traits are shared by the world’s oldest dog breeds. They are dogs with robust bodies, well-developed muscles, and coats that are mostly red, brown, and tan.

They are often clever, energetic, and self-reliant canines in terms of personality. These dogs have a strong propensity for learning and frequently prefer to make their own judgments, giving them more independence than other breeds.

Furthermore, when it comes to hunting or guarding resources inside their region, they generally have very keen senses and incredible innate capability.

Some of today’s most popular dog breeds first appeared in the 18th and 19th centuries. Boxers, German Shepherds, and Irish Setters are all recent breeds. Nonetheless, there are some centuries-old breeds.

  • Have you ever thought- What are some of the oldest dog breeds in the world?
    Let’s have a look at some of the breeds that have been man’s closest friends for hundreds of years.

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1. Basenji

Basenji Dog
  • The Basenji is thought to be the world’s oldest dog breed, according to scientists.
  • These dogs are thought to have originated on the African continent and were employed for hunting.
  • Their picture appears to have been portrayed on Egyptian tombs, demonstrating their prominence in African culture.

Basenjis have been adored all over the world since then. They’re known for their distinctive bark. The larynx of this breed is formed differently than that of other dogs. As a result, the dog is unable to bark in the same manner as other breeds.

It makes a yodeling-like sound instead, albeit it seldom makes any noise at all. Sculptures of dogs like the Basenji can be seen in Egyptian pharaohs’ tombs.

2. Tibetan Mastiff 

Tibetan Mastiff | Oldest Dog Breeds
Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, commonly known as the Tibetan Bulldog, is the forefather of all Mastiff dog breeds and one of the oldest dog breeds to be known. 

  • Its ancestry has recently been demonstrated to have diverged from the gray wolf 58,000 years ago, which is far earlier than the others.
  • It’s a strong dog with a muscular body and a thick coat that emphasizes its already massive physique. 
  • It was the customary dog to defend Tibetan monasteries and was employed to look after herds of cattle.

3. Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Although the Akita Inu rose to prominence in the previous century, its roots may be traced back to secular traditional Japanese society. 

  • They are powerful, hardy canines with a remarkable capacity to adapt to the cold and a distinct instinctual temperament. 
  • They were traditionally used for hunting wild animals, but they also served as guards and protectors in households.

4. Shar Pei 

Shar Pei 

The Shar Pei has a unique and delicate beauty that draws people in. However, these dogs were once known for their hunting and herding abilities. 

  • They generally have a unique personality and may be extremely self-sufficient.
  • Currently, signs of their presence have been discovered in ancient China on pottery and ceramics dating from the 3rd century BC. 
  • The Shar Pei was thought to be a loyal companion of farmers who safeguarded their land and cattle from predators and other hazards at the time.

5. Chinese Saluki

Chinese Saluki | Oldest Dog Breeds
Chinese Saluki

The Chinese Saluki is the world’s second-oldest canine breed, behind the Basenji.

  • Experts think that this breed originated in China during the Tang period about 685 BC. 
  • This dog is thought to have been used to hunt hares and keep watch over the house.

The Chinese Saluki is popular nowadays because of its devoted nature and distinctive look. 

  • It features a very slender body and face, as well as a downward-sloping face. 
  • This makes spotting a Chinese Saluki merely by glancing at them quite simple.

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6. Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog

The Greenland Dog is another dog that was designed to withstand extreme cold. Paleo-Eskimo peoples are thought to have brought this ancient breed to Greenland. 

  • This dog is nearly genetically similar to the Canadian Eskimo Dog, indicating that they are direct descendants.

The Greenland Dog, like other cold-weather canines, was bred for hunting and sledding. 

  • As a result, the breed is resistant, powerful, and muscular. The breed isn’t as popular as it once was.

7. Pekingese

Pekingese Oldest Dog Breeds

The Pekingese, as you can see below, are physically distinct from many of the oldest dog breeds on this list. However, it is their nature, not anything else, that explains how they have managed to coexist with mankind for so many millennia. 

  • These little, hairy critters are brave and adaptable.

They are descended straight from Tibet’s shaggy dogs and have inherited highly resistant DNA. 

  • The oldest recorded accounts of its existence come from the 8th century AD, during the rule of the Tang Dynasty. 
  • The Pekingese was such a popular companion dog that it became the Chinese Imperial mascot.

8. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound | Oldest Dog Breeds
Afghan Hound

The graceful and often aloof Afghan Hound has a hazy early history.

  • One hypothesis holds that the breed originated in the Middle East and traveled from Persia to Afghanistan, according to the AKC.
  •  According to research into the canine DNA, the Afghan is descended from one of the earliest dog breeds. 
  • The Afghan Hound appears to have been existing for at least 200 years, and perhaps much older, according to a depiction published in a collection of letters in 1813.

9. Alaskan Malamute 

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is ranked number six on our list. A dog of war was defined by its physical ability to take down enormous game and a strong physique. 

  • The malamute, which was bred to withstand the cold, was used in the Mongoloid migration’s hunting and sledding from Siberia to Alaska. 
  • The malamute is said to be North America’s oldest dog breed.

10. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky | Oldest Dog Breeds
Siberian Husky

The list of oldest dog breeds will be incomplete without the mention of the Siberian husky

  • The Chukchi tribe, who lived in the freezing land that is now Siberia, was accompanied by Siberian huskies (which still happens to be pretty cold). They are utilized as working and security dogs in theory.
  • They grazed, dragged their owners’ sleds, and guarded their turf against intruders.
  • The Siberian Husky’s natural strength may be traced back to its ancestors. 
  • Only the most resilient and adaptable canines survived the harsh environment of this now Russian area. 
  • The original people of this harsh and difficult country were only able to live due to the commitment and talents of these dogs. This is true of its climate as well as its natural beauty.

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