Dog sleeping positions and their deep secrets

10 Adorable Dog Sleeping Positions and Their Deep Secrets

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‘No one came to his rescue… No One.. But..’ 

Four-year-old Andrei Pavlov loved feeding ducks in the lake near his house in Russia. He suddenly slipped and fell through the thick ice beneath his feet into the deadly freezing water. 

A stray dog called ‘Naida’ began barking frantically almost immediately to alert the bystanders of the incident. 

A woman who often feeds the strays of the cold city responded to Naida’s barks and followed it back to the lake. 

Nearby workers helped the woman pull Andrei out of the freezing water, and he spent a few days in the hospital recovering with no significant injuries. 

When this news reached the ears of the little boy’s mother, she knew that the dog Naida was following them around the day and that it sensed a premonition of trouble. 

As a rescue hero, a canine adoption was arranged near the incident site, and Naida’s new owners are proud of her. 

Interesting story, right? 

Just one of many brave stories by dogs. 

No wonder, Dogs are the cuddliest, Cutest and friendliest beings on our planet. But sometimes, have you noticed a dog sleeping in a position that you’re not familiar with? 

Is it dangerous? Is it related to their health? What is it? 

Relax, Relax! 

The insanely crazy fact is that their sleeping position also indicates their Mood and Behavioural patterns. 

I can say that there are at least 10 different sleeping positions indicating various meanings and moods of the canine. 

Let’s understand all of them, One by one? Shall we? 

Fasten your seatbelts, and Oh.. Don’t fall asleep yourself. 

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10 Adorable Dog Sleeping Positions 

1. The Side Sleeper 
The Side Sleeper
Dogs love sleeping sideways too. Lying on their side with legs extended is one of the dogs’ most common sleeping positions. 

Everybody loves to sleep sideways, Don’t we? Lying sideways on our beds is exceptionally comfortable and feels super relaxing! 

Dogs who love this sleeping position are often easy-going and relaxed, but they tend to switch positions if they’re sleeping in an unknown place or near an unknown person. 

Most puppies and older dogs who have joint pain love this sleeping position. 

The side sleeping position also makes the dog move their legs while sleeping. 

2. The Lion’s Pose 
The Lion’s Pose
Another name for this pose is known as ‘the sphinx.’ The name comes from the lion statues outside buildings indicating the same position. 

When your dog sleeps with its head on the top of its paws, you know it’s a lion’s pose! 

Sometimes while sleeping in this position, your dog can also have its front paws tucked in and back legs at one side. 

Lion’s pose means that your dog is peacefully sleeping but is ready to take off immediately to jump and play at a moment’s notice. 

3. The Superman Pose 
The Superman Pose
It’s a trendy sleeping position amongst puppies and playful dogs. 

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Oh… No… Wait.. It’s… 

Superman! One of the most popular superheroes in the fandom and is known for his flying speed and brute strength. 

But why is this pose called ‘Superman’? 

The Superman position refers to your dog sleeping on its belly with front legs stretched forward and back legs stretched backward, Just like if he’s flying in the sky like Superman. 

It’s also called a ‘sploot’ position. 

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4. The Donut Dog Sleeping Position
The Donut Dog Sleeping Positions
The Donut position is when your dog sleeps curled up in a ball-like position with all of its limbs tucked close to its body. 

Don’t you think the donut is one of the cutest dog sleeping positions? 

It is for sure! 

The position is so intense that your dog can touch its nose with its back legs and the tail curling over its body. 

Whenever a dog sleeps in this particular position, they’re protecting themselves from external factors like heat and other harmful elements in their surroundings. 

These dogs, who usually love the donut sleeping position, are caring but are highly anxious. 

It is also widespread in dogs trying to get used to their new homes. 

5. The Cuddler 
The Cuddler | Dog Sleeping Positions
Cuddling is a sign of affection that your dog knows as well.

The cuddler position is when your dog wants to get closer to you and show a beautiful symbol of love and Bonding. 

When your dog decides to sleep cuddling with you or any other animal, these types of canines are incredibly affectionate and loving. 

They’ll go to any lengths to cuddle with you or anyone else. 

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6. The Burrower 
The Burrower
The Burrower

Have you lost a pillow or a blanket recently? Because I know who’s the culprit. 

Well… Jokes aside. 

You must have observed your dog resting under a piece of cloth, Blanket, or sometimes even pillows. Right? 

It means that your puppy loves the burrower sleeping position. 

The Burrow sleeping position simply means that your dog looks for comfort and security. 

7. The Belly Up Sleeping Position 
The Belly Up Dog Sleeping Positions
The Belly Up Sleeping Position

As a sign of true comfort and relaxation in your dog, they tend to sleep with the belly upwards and paws in the air. As uncomfortable as this position seems, it indicates that your dog is comfortable in his environment. 

When an animal tends to show you its belly, you can rest assured that they trust you to its full extent. 

Sometimes the belly up position also means that the dog’s body heat is increasing, and this position helps them to spread the air passage to all parts of their body. 

8. Back to Back 
Back to Back
Back to Back

The Back to the back position is highly similar to the cuddler position, where the dog is fond of the other dog or a person and tries to get close as much as possible to show love and affection. 

When a dog sleeps or lies back to back with you or another dog, they indicate a sense of intimacy. 

9. On the Tummy 
On the Tummy
On the Tummy

Whenever dogs tend to feel hot due to the summer season, they sleep on cold surfaces to eradicate the heat that their body is feeling. 

It’s just like jumping into a swimming pool whenever you feel hot. 

The ‘on the tummy position’ can turn into a superman pose or even a lion’s pose to ensure that the tummy touches the cold surface. 

I would recommend you to use the following procedures if you feel your dog is trying to seek out cold surfaces to sleep on 

  1. Turn on the Air conditioner or fan in the room. 
  2. Try grooming them 
  3. Give them cold water 
  4. Let them sleep on the floor where it’s cooler. 
10. Head and Neck raised 
Head and Neck raised

Dogs love to sleep on couches or beds where they like to raise their head and neck and use the cushion as support to rest themselves. 

This position is commonly known as ‘Head and Neck Raise.’ 

If you observe your dog sleeping in this position regularly, there might be chances of them having breathing problems. 

Keeping an eye out on symptoms like breathing rate, noisy breathing, or reduction in activities should be brought to a VET’s attention. 

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Conclusion of Dog Sleeping Positions

The most minor habits in our favorite beings tell us a lot about them. 

Isn’t it? 

Let me summarize the blog for you. 

The 10 Dog sleeping positions are 

  1. The Sleeper Side
  2. The Lion’s Pose
  3. The Superman
  4. The Donut sleeping pose
  5. The Cuddler 
  6. The Burrower 
  7. The Belly up sleeping position
  8. Back to Back 
  9. On the Tummy 
  10. Head & Neck Raised 

Who would have thought just with their sleeping position, we could determine so much about their mood and their health. ‘

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