Youtuber creates a Selfie Booth exclusively for her dog to take pictures by itself

Youtuber creates a Selfie Booth exclusively for her dog to take pictures by itself

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We all love to click pictures and record videos of our beloved pets. Cats and dogs often are more photogenic and likable options for posts than us and our photos and videos. Some of the pets are social media stars in their own rights thanks to their amazing photographs and videos posted on social media.

The cuteness overload aside, these funny, and happy pet pics are a much-needed solace in the time of worldwide frenzy of today. However one of the biggest grievances most pet owners have is the inability to click the perfect photos or record the perfect instance worthy of posting on social media.

Getting the pets to showcase their weird and lovely talents or pose a cute stance for a selfie is a task almost next to impossible. Since most pets have their own moods and personality traits, they seldom give you the chance of the right-click unless they are in the mood to do as you please.

One woman found the perfect solution to all these hassles. Simon Giertz is a well-known Youtuber who has a penchant for innovative creations and ideas. Recently she was in the news for posting a video on Youtube about a very interesting concept idea that she had developed.

doggy photo booth
Image source: DIY Photography

With over 2 million subscribers, the Swedish inventor is often seen tweaking with robotics and creating an odd bunch of inventions that are quite interesting and even useful to an extent. The most recent video she posted on October 15th of 2020 has already garnered over Five hundred thousand views and is being shared by people on every possible social media platform.

In a way, many are even saying that Simone has revolutionized the idea of selfies of pets with a simple yet very practical invention of hers. Simone loved taking pictures, especially selfies that included her pet pooch Scrap. Taking the idea of selfies a step further, Simone created a selfie booth from scratch for her dog.

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The design and the build were recorded from the beginning to the end and posted on youtube to help other pet owners also try out the concept. Simple and aptly fit for the size of Scrap, the working principle of the Photobooth is also easy to maneuver.

As per the video when Scrap enters the booth and his paws touch the foot pedal, automatically the pressure point triggers the camera switch along with the treat dispenser. The end result is a beautiful photograph of Scrap along with a treat.

The reward system draws the pets into the phone booth for treats quite a few times thus allowing the pet owners to get a huge number of pet selfies that are well-positioned and clear as well.

Created out of simple and readily available materials the Selfie booth has attracted attention from all over the world as many pet owners have begun to plan a selfie booth for their cats and dogs. With around 3000 comments on the Youtube video alone, it is quite evident how much people have loved the inventor’s creation.

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