Woman Transformed Up Pet Poodle As A Skeleton

Woman Transformed Her Pet Poodle Into A Skeleton Amidst Rising Halloween Fever.

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October is here and so are the spooky fests all across the world. As the temperatures are dipping, people are gearing up with the coolest, most innovative decor ideas to outdo their friends, families, and neighbors.

However, a woman in California has taken the Halloween cosplay game to a whole new level. Katrina Short is one of the primary artistic groomers working at Classy Canines Wiggle Rumps in Castro Valley, California. She used her cosplay skills to turn her beloved pet Poodle, Zeus into a scary-looking skeleton by trimming and dying its fur. The artist claimed that watching cartoons with her kids inspired the idea in her mind.


The popular kid’s film, Frankenweenie, that her children were watching sparked this idea in her mind and she could not sleep till she could make it happen, the artist informed Unilad. She researched the anatomy of a Poodle to be more accurate. She told Unilad that the bones she carved are exactly where they are supposed to be inside the Poodle’s body.

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It took several hours for Katrina to complete the entire transformation. However, at the end of it, the results were pretty impressive as Zeus did really look like he was in a skeletal costume. Katrina said that the dog loves to be creatively groomed and truly enjoys all the attention it brings him. In fact, he gets sad if he has not been creatively groomed in a while.


Katrina Short has been working in the pet grooming industry for the last 14 years and is a professional dog groomer with 25,000 followers on Instagram. However, we would strongly advise you to use spray paint on your dog’s fur to try this at home. Even though these transformations are top-notch, they must be done with dog-friendly products to avoid any harm or injuries to your beloved pooch.

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