WATCH - The Paw-Dorable Video Of Dog Swimming in the Pool Takes An Unbelievable 'Secret Exit'; Going Viral by Monkoodog

WATCH – The Paw-Dorable Video Of Dog Swimming in the Pool Takes An Unbelievable ‘Secret Exit’; Going Viral

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An adorable video of a dog bathing in a swinging pool and then taking a “secret exit” is definitely the cutest thing on the internet Today.

In fact, surprises are mostly delightful experiences and when these include the four-legged companions well the cuteness intensifies. This Reddit clip of the little doggo swimming in a pool is a fitting example of that; it will leave you smiling and gushing with ‘aww’.

In this 16-second video shared on Reddit, a tiny little pooch can be seen having a great time swimming in a pool. After the leisure time, the little dog moves on to take a secret exit from a tube-like structure installed near the pool. However, our little friend falls back in the pool, in a most hilarious yet cute scenario.

Take a look at this hilarious yet endearing video:

This hysterical clip opens with a little dog enjoying a fun time in a pool. Following it, the tiny guy decides to leave through a secret tunnel and uses the nearby tube-like structure installed beside the pool. However, in his rush to leave the poor doggo, unfortunately, slips falling back into the pool. The entire scenario is quite endearing to witness.

The video was shared on Reddit by a user who introduced himself as “A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures”. This charming clip was uploaded about 13 hours ago with the caption reading: “Dogs Secret Exit”.

After gracing the social platform has received over fifty-five thousand upvotes and more than five hundred funny comments. Wherein one user wrote, ‘Living the best life, another commented on the little misfortune of falling back with ‘Oh, poor man! So sweet!’


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