Veterinarian left people in tears

Veterinarian left people in tears over the heartwarming presents she keeps for dogs getting euthanized.

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A Veterinarian left people in tears when they went viral over the internet. A heartwarming way of comforting dog parents and families, who are forced to put their dog down. Smiths Station Animal Hospital, in Alabama, stole a million hearts of people over the internet.

We are familiar with the fact that since time immemorial dogs have shared a gratifying bond with humans. That bond has only intensified over the years. So, today they’re a huge part of our family, besides being our best companions. 

In fact, as a dog parent or admirer, there isn’t much you wouldn’t go through for your four-legged buddy. And therefore it is understandable how shattering and difficult is that day. The hardest day when your beloved dog has to be put down.

In fact,  it is one of the most heartbreaking experiences to go through. And those compelled to carry out this excruciating duty understand how difficult it is for those bidding their farewell.

The vets understands the emotional burden of this extremely painful task. And therefor, they’ve reserved a way to treat the sick dogs with sweet final treats. The heartening gesture of the hospital post was widely praised. The post went viral after being shared on a social platform. 

The hospital shared on Facebook a photo of the jar, labeled “Goodbye Kisses” on the front. It was packed with popular American chocolate Hershey’s Kisses.

Dr. Nicole Namie , a veteran of hospital wrote, “Designated for our euthanasia visits. Because no dog should go to Heaven without enjoying the taste of sweet chocolates”. 

The Vet left people in tears after sharing a picture of a glass jar filled with ‘Goodbye kisses’ written on the front, that are reserved for dogs coming for euthanization.
The Vet left people in tears after sharing a picture of a glass jar filled with ‘Goodbye kisses’ written on the front, that are reserved for dogs coming for euthanization.

Speaking with the WFXR about the viral response, Dr. Namie stated that the hospital has offered this practice for a long time now. The faculty works with the vision to provide as much comfort as possible during the shattering times of letting your love canines go.

She added that generally, as a vet she does not recommend giving sweets to her four-legged patients, however, the case becomes an exception during their final moments.

This practice is not a service that the dog parents expect or anticipate, but they appear to value it greatly. They appear to take solace in the knowledge that their dogs will go to Heaven with a full tummy and a heart full of love.

However, offering a delicious treat is not all, if the weather is favorable, the staff additionally thrives to arrange up an outdoor picnic so that the pet parents can spend their final moments with their beloved pet. 

“We treat the canines like family. As a result, when we lose a doggo, we treat it as if it were one of our own.

We understand that the dog parents are saying goodbye to their family member; in some cases, a family member who has been with them for more than a decade and with whom they’ve had a decade of memories. 

Euthanizing a dog is an extremely difficult decision. It’s often the first time a family has had to say goodbye to someone who gave them endless pleasant memories and unconditional love; someone who is not just their dog but their best friend.

Therefore, no matter how little, the last moments have to be the best they can be,” Dr. Namie stated. 

The post was originally shared on Facebook. As of now, it has been shared thousands of times, receiving tons of appreciation, deservedly so as many animal lovers across the world identified with the bittersweet emotion expressed in the post.

In fact, many dog parents and lovers shared their own tales of bidding goodbye to their four-legged family members, jamming the comment section of this viral post

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