Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister post Photos of his Dog and Dad one month after the Actor’s Alleged Suicide

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister post Photos of his Dog and Dad one month after the Actor’s Alleged Suicide

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Sushant Singh Rajput may have been a great actor and an equally brilliant human being but what actually many do not know is that he was an ardent animal lover. Many of his posts and photos often included his steady partner Fudge, his beloved Black Labrador.

Sushant adored the canine and was often seen talking about him even in his interviews. In one of the initial videos days after Sushant’s death, it was visible how distraught the dog was and how much pain he was in.

Recently Sushant’s younger sister Shweta posted a heart-melting photo of Fudge sitting calmly beside Sushant’s father on the porch of their Patna home. Shweta is often noted for posting photos and videos of Sushant Singh since his demise to commemorate his memories. One month after his alleged suicide, on July 14th she had posted a collage of Sushant with the caption,”I wish I could hold you one more time.

Interestingly enough this past week has been a remarkable episode for the actor. His posthumously released film “Dil Bechara” seems to be trending worldwide and garnering a lot of good feedback. It has also broken numerous world records with immense positive feedback for the general population.

Dil Bechara Poster

Coincidently Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is being scrutinized very carefully by the Police authority given the number of accusations and allegations being thrown at numerous Bollywood mega celebrities.

Though no arrest has been made, numerous Bollywood producers, actors, and other celebs have been called in for inquiry. Kangana Ranaut, one of the iconic actors who has been very vocal about the numerous issues Sushant had to face as an outsider in Bollywood. 

She has been bombarding the press and media alike with questions about Sushant’s premature death and the extreme bullying he had to constantly face within the cinema world of Bollywood. Sweta or her father has not been very vocal about the entire debate of suicide vs murder, but both of them have been waiting for justice to be served in the right way.

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