Stella, The Adorable French Bulldog of Modern Family, Dies After Shooting The Series Finale

Stella, The Adorable French Bulldog of Modern Family, Dies After Shooting The Series Finale

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Modern Family is one of those rare American Family comedies that had taken the world by storm. The Pritchett – Delgado Family was loved by audiences worldwide. One of the biggest TV shows since the iconic FRIENDS series, Modern Family had one particular star who was the favorite of the entire cast and crew too.

Modern Family' Star French Bulldog
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Jay Pritchett introduced Stella in season 2. The adorably dorky eyed French Bulldog was the love of the entire family on and off-screen. However, what many do not know is that the role of Stella was actually played by Bridgitte until 2 years later Beatrice was introduced as the new Stella in season 4.

Often regarded as the privileged and most loved “kid” of Jay Pritchett, the patriarch of the family, Beatrice had a very loving relationship with most of the crew members. The ABC family comedy-drama is airing the final season of the show currently.

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After 11 successful seasons, things were bound to get emotional among the cast and crews. The news of Beatrice aka Stella was the final blow to the entire cinematic family of the ABC drama. Considering how Beatrice suddenly passed away right after shooting the series finale, showed how emotionally attached the dog was to the show herself.

The animal agency Beatrice was under posted on their official social media Good Dog Animal about the demise. The official account of Beatrice had a very interesting introduction that stated, “You probably know Beatrice as “Stella” from Modern Family. She’s mastered a wide range of behaviors and is always looking to put her skills to the test. She even knows how to skateboard!”

From Julie Bowen to Ty Burell and Ed O Neil, everyone shared their condolences on the news. Many of them took on to their social media handle to post adorable pictures of Beatrice on the set of the show and shared small anecdotes of their 8 yrs long journey together.

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