“Platypups” - Dogs with platypus bill are taking over the internet

“Platypups” – Dogs With Platypus Bill are Taking Over the Internet.

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You must be thinking that “Platypups” would be the new breed blend of dogs and platypus. But nope, it is not a biological mishap. These are the cute little doggies that are sticking in their snoot into their owner’s shoes.

Owners are sharing their cute little furry fellas pictures of lying with their nose stuck either into their crocs or chewed shoes, which are going viral online. And Yass!! Some of these dogs really look like a platypus with its bill. So, we’ve assembled pictures of some of the cute little platypups (some people call them) for you to go from “Aww” to “Awwwww” as you scroll down.





And as we know today is Valentine’s Day and also, how much you love your dog. So, why not make this Valentine’s day special for your furry friend by checking out some really cool valentine’s day ideas.

It’s not new that puppies like to chew up things and how much they love their owner’s shoes. But why do they do that? Dogs do have very strong noses and they pick up your smell from your shoes very easily. They enjoy sniffing your smell right through your shoes and also the opportunity to chew up your shoe. It’s their way of telling how much they love you. So, you should take that as a compliment from them.





Secondly, puppies and dogs enjoy chewing up your shoes because they help them to satisfy their need of biting something when they are teething or to release out the stress and anxiety by ripping off your shoes. That’s where they seek the opportunity of you not wandering around. That’s where basic training comes into play, which you can check out here to teach your puppy obedience training from the right early stage.





So, if you want your dog to be a playtpup, just place their favorite piece of shoe in front of them and taddaaa! The playtpup is ready.

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