Pet Parent Gets Zapped After Trying Anti-Barking Shock Collar Of His Dog

Pet Parent Gets Zapped After Trying Anti-Barking Shock Collar Of His Dog

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Recently something very unusual happened which made the headlines. A dog parent got shocked (quite literally) after he tried on his dog’s new anti-barking shock collar. This was most certainly an experience he will not forget for a long long time.

The dog parent named Steve Yendle got zapped after he tried on the anti-barking shock collar which he had newly bought for his dog as it was set on its full capacity.

Steve Yendle’s friend Paul Travis had for fun, discreetly changed the settings of the new anti-barking shock collar and had set it on as high as it could possibly go.

In a very funny video clip which was shared by Steve Yendle’s wife Sandra, Steve can be seen holding the collar tightly to his neck as Paul comes near him and lets out a fake bark. And that is what does the trick. What follows was hilarious. Right after Paul lets out the fake bark, a high-pitched warning sound can be heard coming from the collar right before Steve gets a highly powered shock and collapses on the floor.

In the viral video, Sandra and Paul can be seen laughing their hearts out at the sight of Steve on the floor being zapped and Steve can be seen swearing and trying very hard to get the collar off from around his neck. But because of the shock, his hands were shaking terribly and he could not seem to be able to remove the collar no matter how much he tried.

Steve later said that it was terrible for him, he did not see it coming. Reportedly the family has four dogs and Steve bought the collar for only one of the four. Steve loves his dogs and is a sport when it comes to trying various things with and for his dogs. However, after trying the collar and being zapped, he has firmly decided to never use an anti-bark collar on his dogs.

Well, good decision Steve, we are proud of you.


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