Overburdened vets compelled to TURN AWAY dogs in rush of new dog owners who got dogs in Lockdown and staff deficiencies, due to Covid.

Overburdened vets compelled to TURN AWAY dogs in the rush of new dog owners who got dogs in Lockdown and staff deficiencies, due to Covid.

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The global Pandemic, without any doubt, has been a devastating time, largely due to the ensuing mental strain. And therefore, the pet industry, particularly the ownership of four-legged companions has seen a prominent surge. No one wants to hold back from experiencing the bliss that comes along with the companionship of furry friends. 

Having said that, it is also vital to understand that all things are accompanied by impactful consequences. And so is the case with the surge in canine ownership during the pandemic. According to the reports, the boom in sales of dogs during the pandemic has resulted in dogs being turned away, by vets, as services become overwhelming.

To be precise, as many as three million households have acquired pets during the lockdown. 

In any case, as per the Reports of The Sunday Times, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued a warning for individuals to take into consideration the availability of veterinary care services before rushing into purchasing another Dog.

A veterinarian examing a sick Boston Terrier with a Stethoscope in the clinic with one of his staff members. Source: tuftsyourdog.com

The issue has particularly aggravated because of the lack of staff during the Covid pandemic, as these staffs are either sick or made to isolate themselves. 

According to the available data, the total number of veterinary specialists has seen a prominent plummet. As per the claims of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  (RCVS), Britain only let in 155 EU vets this year instead of 533 in 2019, leading to a fall in numbers. 

BVA President James Russell said: ‘We are reported with an increasing number of practices, saying they are unable to take on new patients at this time, and this is something we don’t usually hear about. In fact, ‘It’s not surprising when you think we have 3.2 million more pets than we did 18 months ago, but we don’t have more vets.’ Therefore, we encourage anyone thinking about getting a new dog, to consider this situation.  

A New dog owner lying in bed with her dog – a German Shepherd that she got in the Lockdown during Covid times. Source: Motion Array

The skyrocketing demand for dogs surfaced mostly due to the ardent turmoils of the Pandemics. With the current steering situation and people spending more time at home, the prospect of owning a furry- companion is deemed absolutely gratifying.  

In fact, an examination from Pets4Homes, one of the UK’s biggest online pet commercial centers, discovered the expense of popular pup breeds has tripled. While there is nothing wrong with seeking out delightful companionship in dogs, however, it is also important to keep your options open when it comes to providing services to your pooch. 

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