Mickey Mouse Ears On A Puppy - Meet Goma, The Cartoon Pup Who Has Been Stealing Hearts All Over The Internet

Mickey Mouse Ears On A Puppy – Meet Goma, The Cartoon Pup Who Has Been Stealing Hearts All Over The Internet

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As adorable as all pooches all across the world, Goma, the Mickey Mouse dog has hit the ceiling in the cuteness department. This seven-year-old dog is a mix between a Maltese and a Papillon, which gives him the perfect Mickey Mouse-shaped ears. Adorable, isn’t it?

Goma lives with her parents in Tokyo and shares her life and adventures on Instagram with over 110,000 followers. This vibrant and happy-go-lucky dog lives a very full life with her parents and her good-natured and inquisitive disposition makes her the perfect four-legged company for human beings, both at home as well as on the go.

Let’s take a look at Goma’s journey

Mickey Mouse Ears On A Puppy
Source: Instagram/marupgoma_c

This adventurous furball is always high on energy and loves bike rides, and other kinds of sports to have fun. She absolutely loves being outdoors and all this happy little pill needs to cheer up is a warm and sunny day outside so that she can play to her heart’s content when outside.

Goma also loves traveling in her owner’s backpack. Sticking her little head out, Goma loves sitting snugly in a traveler’s backpack and looking at the world comfortably while her human parents carry her around.

This flower baby is special in more ways than one. Goma is smitten by fields of flowers and if you do not have a tight grip on the leash while walking past flowers, she will unmistakably try to run away from you and into the flowers. So precious.

Goma also goes on little shopping trips with her human parents and sure enough, if Goma has been a good girl, she is allowed to pick out a toy for herself. This canine fashion icon also loves to don her favorite bow for important meetings while also sporting a cool-themed costume to convey that she is not all about work.

Goma loves nature and nothing makes her as happy as a beautiful day outside. Recently, the little one has been able to enjoy her favorite season – cherry blossom season. Goma loves the rich pink bushels of cherry blossoms and enjoys playing around in cherry blossom fields extensively.

Little Goma is an adorable little furball with the perfect Mickey Mouse ears. If you want to see more of this little bugger, be sure to check out her Instagram account.

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