Trending Dog Video This Man Challenged his Bulldog to an eating competition.

Trending Dog Video: This Man Challenged his Bulldog to an eating competition

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With the larger populations spending their time on the Internet, spotting a hilarious entertainment source to grace your screen is a piece of cake. In fact, social media is brimming with hysterical challenges and trends.

And when these trends are adorned by four-legged beauties the entertainment intensifies several folds. Well, adding to this entertainment source, is this rib-tickling video of a dog vs man-eating contest.

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This funny trend presents an eating competition between a dog and his hoo-man.

Any guesses who wins? Well, why not find out for yourself. Watch the hilarious and adorable video below and wait for the interesting twist:

This fascinating video was posted about 15 hours prior, however, the enthralling lure of this hilarious and amusing dog vs man in this eating contest had the netizens absolutely captivated. In fact, in a span of time, this video collected as many as 14,000 upvotes and it’s still flooding.

Well, deservedly so for every detail of the video is simply amazing. The video opens with two columns of flood arranged on the floor, leading to an additional chomp placed on a bowl. Moving on man then goes on to count to three, beginning this Man vs Dog, eating contest. Spoilers alert!! Not only this charming four-legged contender win the race, but he also further sneaks out his hoo-mans row of food, as well. However, despite the spoiler, you still need to watch the video for its supreme adorable magnetism.

In fact, the fascination of the video is so considerable that its trending streak is magnifying with each hour. This can be clearly demonstrated from the delightful reactions flooding in. From cheering for the adorable four-legged competitor to declaring him the ‘pure athlete’ with his human standing no chance, people bombarded the comments section of the post, with their excitement and love.


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