Man Arrested In Kochi For Dragging His Pet Dog Tied Behind His Car

Man Arrested In Kochi For Dragging His Pet Dog Tied Behind His Car

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A 62-year-elderly person has been captured in Kerala’s Ernakulam after a video of a canine attached to a moving vehicle and being hauled was broadly shared via web-based media. He had purportedly attached the canine to the vehicle. As indicated by the police, the captured man, Yousuf, is the proprietor of the vehicle and was likewise driving the vehicle.

A cop at Chengamanad police headquarters said that Yousuf needed to remove the canine from his territory as it was making an aggravation around his home. The poor dog was tied behind the vehicle trying to remove it to an alternate areaThe video at first shows the canine attached to the vehicle, and running behind it. Nonetheless, the canine is seen being delayed on the street later.

The sad incident occurred at 11 am on Friday. A biker, Akhil, shot the video while returning from a medical clinic. As per police, Akhil said that from a distance it looked as though the canine was pursuing the vehicle, yet on coming to approach, it was attached to the vehicle.

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The Kerala Police took up the issue all alone and documented a case under the Indian Penal Code, including detainment for slaughtering, harming, mangling, or delivering creatures pointless just as different areas of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The defendant has been captured and is temporarily free from jail.


The pet was taken to an administration veterinary office and treated for its injuries, authorities said. Akhil said he educated the issue to DAYA, a creature government assistance association, which thus stopped a protest with the police, and Yusuf was captured. State Transport Minister A.K. Saseendran, in the wake of coming to think about the occurrence, asked the Motor Vehicles Department to seize the vehicle. Paravoor Joint RTO consented and gave it over to the police.

The police are probably going to make a more move which will incorporate dropping the permit of the driver, who has said that he had to desert the canine, which was not loved by different individuals from his family.

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