Malaika Arora celebrates her dog’s birthday. Watch cute video

Malaika Arora is celebrating her dog’s birthday in this adorable video

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People celebrating the birthdays of their dogs has become a common phenomenon nowadays. Malaika Arora shared a cute video on her Instagram handle.

In the video, Malaika can be seen celebrating her dog Casper’s 7th birthday. As part of the celebration, she also gifted her pet pooch with a dog-friendly cake and asked his age. 

Celebrities posting videos of their dogs’ birthday celebrations are trending nowadays. A recent video posted by Malaika Arora hit netizens on their hearts in a similar way.

Malaika Arora posted a video on Instagram where she can be seen celebrating her pooch’s birthday.

The video starts with Malaika telling her dog that it is his birthday. The pooch seems equally jovial and relishes his day.

When Malaika tells him that he is 7-years old now, he responds with an excited bark. She asks him to extend a paw to her and the sweet creature does exactly that. He even gives her a high five, first with one hand and then with both of them together. 

Malaika Arora shared a cute video

The video instantly went trending on the internet. Just a few hours after being posted, it had garnered ten lakh plus likes and thousands of comments. Celebrities like Zareen Khan and Bhavna Pandey commented on the video.

Instagram users expressed immense love in the comment section and appreciated Malaika’s gesture of celebrating her pet’s birthday.

People considered an awareness generating video for people towards their pets. Pets occupy a special part of our life.

For providing us with their love, we need to appreciate their being alive and especially, the day they came into being.

A few days ago, Sudha Murty’s video celebrating her dog’s birthday went viral. Such videos showcase and love and appreciation of humankind towards their four-legged counterparts.

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