Local UPS driver saves lost dog during busy week

Local UPS driver saves lost dog during busy week of delivering packages.

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Paula Odoms received more than just a gift on Black Friday. She received her lost dog and her relief back.

Darrell Slack, a UPS bus driver, was busy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliveries. Being a delivery guy for 29 years, he is accustomed to the neighborhood pathways and knows most of the routes by sight. 

On Black Friday, while he was delivering packages for the day and Cyber Monday, he was approached by Paula Odoms. Paula informed Darrell about her missing dog, Pete, a runner. 

Pete ran away from her porch and was nowhere to be found. Paula thought she had lost him forever. She informed Darrell about the looks of Pete and told him he is wearing a red harness. Being an outgoing dude, Darrell told her that he is friendly with the dogs and would surely find Pete for her.

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Darrell says that due to his job, he is friends with most of the neighborhood dogs. He has to go to many houses to deliver packages. He keeps boxes of dog treats with him, which helps him befriend many dogs. They hesitate at first, but once Darrell hands them treats, they come tail wagging to his truck and even wait for him every day.

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Darrell employed the same treat trick to try to find Pete. He caught a red harness through his peripheral vision when he was making another round through the neighborhood. Pete slowly approached him, the craving for the treat alive in the innocent pup. 

Darrell took Pete inside his truck and made him his partner for the day’s deliveries. At the end of the day, he went to the Odom house and delivered Pete to them.

Paula says that she saw Darrell approaching with the love of her life in his arms. She couldn’t help but cry and thank Darrell for giving her the most precious gift of the world.

Pete is Paula’s family. She would not even like to imagine how her Christmas would have been if she had lost Pete. Odoms called Darrell a special man and thanked him for all he did. 

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