Little dog tries to manage a flock of sheep

Little dog tries to manage a flock of sheep.

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A video of a little dog tries to manage the flock of sheep recently went viral on Reddit.

In the video, In a very huge flock of sheep, there is a cute tiny dog. The dog is in between the flock and can be seen hardly because he is so small.

The video is so adorable that one can’t stop watching it only once. It went viral on social media because of the love this video is creating.

The video was posted on Reddit with the caption ‘ An Anatolian Shepherd puppy in training. ’ It is still not known where the video was recorded or when was it recorded but it did not create any hindrance to people loving this video.

Dog tries to manage

The short clip starts with a little cute dog walking along with a huge flock of big sheep. After a few seconds, the puppy stops and had a little cute interaction with one of the sheep.

The puppy was probably so excited that he took his future job a little too seriously and decided to start early. The sheep were accommodative too, they gave way to the little pup, playing a role in the game that the puppy was playing.

The video was posted only a few hours ago. Since then, it has been widely shared all across social media. It has already received around 1.3 lakh upvotes and the count is increasing.

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