Guests are Checking out with Rescued Pets after Checking in into Home 2 Suites by Hilton

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We all want to get away from the hustle and bustle of our tiring life once in a while. Sometimes taking a short vacation relaxing at a hotel sounds like a dream. However, it tends to get lonely unless you have someone accompanying you.

Imagine having a partner who is a great cuddle buddy but does not talk back, does not judge you or take up your personal space too???? Well, the cuddle buddy you have at this hotel are dogs! Surprised?!?

Well, Home 2 Suites in Biloxi, Mississippi, is just the hotel you need because it is a hotel that is unlike any other worldwide. Slowly making a name for itself for its unique theme and benevolent nature of the work being done, Home 2 suites have been working on this project since October of 2018 in collaboration with Human Society of Southern Mississippi.

The guests who stay here can relax and rewind as they play around and pet the numerous rescued dogs staying at the hotel. The dogs are trained to be well mannered and playful, thus being the perfect companion to you.

Rescued Dogs

The entire concept of any resort or hotel is to let the guests staying there relax and forget the stressful world outside. We all know how much of an excellent mood relaxant a dog can be. After all, most of us spend at least a few minutes every day watching funny dog videos online. Right?

So the manager of Home 2 Suites, Theresa Johnston thought, “What can be better than receiving natural therapy session playing with the furballs at no additional cost?”

In case you fall in love with one of these lovely canines, you can adopt them and give them a permanent home that they need. Since the program was introduced in October of last year, 35 dogs have already been rehomed post-adoption, thus proving how successful the campaign has been.

humane society of south mississippi

dog playing

Since long staying guests mostly prefer home 2 Suite, it was much easier to introduce this unique campaign into the theme of the hotel. It is rare to find a pet-friendly online, so Home 2 Suites piques the curiosity of the guests travelling to Mississippi.


The best part about this campaign is that in case if any guests are unsure about their decision to leave or to adopt, they can always choose the middle route and foster the dog. Given the fact that falling in love with a dog barely takes minutes, guests seem to be wanting to come back to Home 2 Suites just for the unique companionship.

In a world filled with mental illness and all other kinds of depressive events, Home 2 Suites is a haven worth visiting in case you want to bid farewell to depression and fall in love with a canine furball.

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