From Disha Patani to Riteish Deshmukh, Pet love seems to be the new celeb stories of social media in 2021

From Disha Patani to Riteish Deshmukh, Pet love seems to be the new celeb stories of social media in 2021

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Dogs and their relationship with humankind have always been a subject worth lots of research for centuries. The innate ability of two entirely different species to relate and love each other is a sheer diversity from the normal and archaic circle of Philosophy of Life. Strangely enough, even if many do not have a pet dog of their own, their human instinct often prongs them to react in a positive manner towards even dogs that are strangers.

Pet-related videos and posts are perhaps the most liked and viewed segments worldwide. Many experts even believe that a few minutes of watching the funny dog and cat videos can relieve a massive amount of mental pressure and even prevent depression and stress.

The latest this week to add to the trending pages of the internet is Disha Patani and Riteish Deshmukh. While both of them have an individual fan following running in millions, their social media handles are no less popular too. While Disha is known for posting her workout and dance routines mostly in addition to numerous stunning vacation pics, Riteish is more of a homebody who loves to post family pictures with his kids and wife, actress Genelia D’souza. Riteish Deshmukh recently posted his dog Flash’s birthday party video with the current trending word “Pawri”.

Riteish Deshmukh dog flash

With a staggering 9 million followers on Instagram, it did not take very long for the video to garner a huge number of likes and comments. It is not even 12 hrs since the post went live and it already has over 230,000 likes to it. The adorable duo Riteish and Genelia can be seen with the entire crew of family and friends enjoying a cute little birthday session for their adorable golden pooch.

On the other side, Disha Patani, a well-known fitness enthusiast and actress also shared a simple yet beautiful sunkissed picture of her chocolate pooch Gokhu and it already has over 490,000 likes to it.

Interestingly enough Disha is known to be an ardent pet lover and promoter of animal rescue and shelter projects. She has 4 pets of her own. While the two dogs are Goku the Doberman and Bella the Spaniel, the cats are named Jasmine and Keety. With over 40 million followers on Instagram alone, it does not take long for her posts to garner a massive viewership, which is why she is often seen promoting pets and positivity through her profile.

two dogs are Goku the Doberman
Image Source: Instagram

2020 has been a massive life-changing scenario for the entire world. Being locked up within the four walls for months was not an easy task. While pets enjoyed 24/7 attention, humans were in a very distressed state. This is what gave way to numerous pet-related challenges and games which were being shared online as a creative means to spend time in a better and more fun way.

Soon, the internet began to explode with millions of pet-related videos and the views they garnered was suffice to say that even people without pets loved these contents. Celebs began promoting pet fostering and adoptions which not only garnered them a lot of additional followings but also shed light on numerous scenarios that needed immediate attention.

From Katty Perry turning towards veganism with her dog to Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabos fostering new dogs to even President Biden’s dogs making a grand entry into the White House, celeb news with their respective pets has become the top favorite. The wave seems to be no different in India too. Numerous social posts of famous personalities with their dogs have been trending topics.

It is these small but positive reinforcements that help initiate people to adopt pets and get involved with the well-being of animals as a whole.

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